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Use the Right Tool

I was talking to a friend recently who shared with me that after many years of working on herself, she still felt cramped by the effect of childhood trauma. This is a woman who has practiced meditation for decades, who sat with some prominent spiritual teachers, who has done every kind of yoga and Chi […]


The Centrality of Practice

As a coach, I meet with my clients every one or two weeks. We talk together about the awe-inspiring difference they want to make to the world, and I ask them questions to bring forth their best ideas. My clients also have access to me as they need it. They’ve got an emergency hotline they […]


That Elusive Sense of Life Purpose

Frequently, in retreats and in one-on-one coaching, people tell me that they have the intuition of a great gift to share, a mission to fulfill in their lifetime, but they don’t know what it is. Could I please help? Someone faced with such a predicament is often hoping for a resolution. Either that I will […]


Addiction to Awakening

My latest book, Radical Brilliance, came out as a pre-publication edition in December 2017 and is now available as the fully-published version on Amazon as a paperback, Kindle, or Audible: so you can listen to my dulcet tones while in the gym or driving in your car. If you have not yet read the book […]


That Familiar Sinking Feeling

Recently I was in a coaching conversation with one of my clients. Usually I coach people using Zoom, as my coaching clients are all over the world. But this was a rare occasion when I could meet someone face-on-face. He is a very smart and interesting man: bright, well-educated, good-looking, funny, with deep insights: just […]


The Last Dance

Back in 1912, a solitary figure stands under the moonlight on the foredeck of the biggest and most luxurious ocean liner ever built. The RMS Titanic was thought to be so solid and invincible that life rafts were hardly needed. This solitary figure then sees, quite clearly, in the not too far off distance, a […]


Just Sitting

Here was a recent question about Radical Brilliance: ”If you had to pick one activity or practice, above all else, to enhance your brilliance what would it be?” I think if I could choose any one thing that makes the most difference, my choice would be: no thing. The practice I have found to bring forth […]


The Double Bind

You may or may not be familiar by now with my new book, Radical Brilliance. It describes a cycle which allows you to dedicate your life to having new and original ideas to serve the evolution of humanity. If that sounds completely foreign to you, you can read up on it here. One of the […]


The Miracle of Practice

I checked my WhatsApp today, and found that somebody had left me an audio message. It was from one of my coaching clients, who has been working on a particular set of challenges that have hindered him for most of his life. When I listened to the message, I hardly recognized his voice or his […]

The Real Deal 1

The Real Deal

 I was working with a coaching client this last week, who is going through a powerful time of transition. He was contemplating out loud with me who to turn to for support. “I feel like I need to be around someone with a higher frequency, someone who can lift me up through their clarity and […]

Disappointment 2


I just spent the last eighteen months writing a new book. Sometimes something comes through you, rather like giving birth to a baby. Once it is born and finds its own feet, you can look at it with detachment, and realize that it is not yours, it has a life of its own. It is […]

two people talking

A friendship can be all kinds of things. People form friendships to avoid loneliness, to have fun, or out of convenience (like people who live next door to each other). However, there is also a special kind of friendship, which we can all develop: one that deliberately and consciously fosters brilliance. You are both setting […]

Dave Ellis talks about contribution

I had a chat with my good friend (and teacher) Dave Ellis about the central role of a sense of contribution in a truly fulfilled and energized life. Pleaase watch this short (and inspiring!) video. And please consider joining us at Dave’s next seminar in San Francisco, October 27 to 29, which is all about […]

two people talking

Brilliant Friendships

A friendship can be all kinds of things. People form friendships to avoid loneliness, to have fun, or out of convenience (like people who live next door to each other). However, there is also a special kind of friendship which we can all develop: one that deliberately and consciously fosters brilliance. You are both setting […]

gene and engineering

My Change of Direction

In a few weeks, my new book Radical Brilliance will be published here in the U.S., and a few months later, it will come out in Germany. The book and its message are a new departure for me; and so, I’m writing this to people who have been reading my words or studying with me […]


The Perfect Movie

At 13:11 European time, on Monday, May 8, while crossing the Atlantic Ocean on United Airlines flight 963, in the 61st year of my life, it has finally happened. Like the satisfaction of slotting into place the final piece of a jigsaw puzzle, like finally matching each and every lost sock to its mate, like […]

Who Should You Listen To

Most of us these days are bombarded with people wanting to offer us advice. You probably get regular invitations to online summits where dozens of enthusiastic advice-givers are vying for your attention, alluring you with downloadable gifts and free offers. The internet is exploding with new blog posts every day about the 5 Most Important […]


About Qualia

A few months ago, my friend Jonathan Robinson introduced me to Qualia,  a new nutritional supplement produced by the Neurohacker Collective. It comes through the mail in two bottles, with jet black labels printed with gold ink. You take Step 1 on rising. I usually wash it down with a glass of lemon water with […]

Conscious Dharma

This is an excerpt from Conscious Men, written by John Gray and Arjuna Ardagh. Contemporary man faces an interesting and unprecedented dilemma, one that our male ancestors have never faced before in this same way. If we go just back just a few generations, all over the world, it was very clear what you were […]

The Two Most Important Moments of My Life

Back in 1991, there were two moments, separated from each other by just a few days, that changed my life forever. First, a little background. In 1991 I was living in India. I had already been pretty deeply involved in “spiritually seeking” for about twenty years.  The giddy pursuit of “enlightenment” had by that point […]