Becoming an Agent of Collective Healing

I decided to do something a little different for my blog this week. Usually I write a lot for you, but today I wanted to connect with you a little more more personally.

Is it possible for one human being to heal wounds they did not personally cause?  Could a German today apologize to a Jew for the holocaust, and create healing, even though it was decades ago and the actual perpetrators are dead?  Could a conscious man today apologize to women for burning witches?  Is this a form of healing or creating toxic shame? Watch this video and PLEASE POST YOUR THOUGHTS !!! …

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108 Responses to “Becoming an Agent of Collective Healing”

  1. donna nikzi November 13, 2010 at 3:18 pm // Reply

    A HEARTY “YES!!!” to this question. In Reality, there is no time, no space; only the infinite NOW. I apologize and ask forgiveness to Mother Earth (we take all of our sustenance from her, then stab her without the slightest feelings of remorse) and to the animals (we do the same to the animals choosing to be unconscious of their hopeless plight in this paradigm which we have created. And in this moment, I also apologize and ask forgiveness of all of the children who are being installed with a program of violence – in an attempt to negate the Lovingkindness which is our true nature. I apologize and ask forgiveness of the creation for our choice to serve self rather than The Creation and All of Life.