Better than Sex ~ A New Book by Arjuna Ardagh

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Arjuna Ardagh’s latest book, Better than Sex, describes the ecstatic art of awakening coaching: how anyone can become a support to anyone else in discovering the Open Secret that is an infinite source of stillness, well-being and creativity, and bring it forth in every area of their life. Millions of people today, all over the world, and from all kinds of different backgrounds are having glimpses of who they really are: beyond the endless machinations of thought and reactive feeling. Such a moment of “awakening” changes everything, and unleashes a wellspring of energy, humor and love.

So many people today feel a deep longing, a commitment to live this more expansive consciousness in their day-to-day life, but at the same time have an intuitive resistance to the old traditions of patriarchy, dogma and conformism. Awakening Coaching is an innovative and brilliant new way of approaching spiritual awakening, stripping our deepest and most profound longing back to its most essential roots.

This is an extremely practical book, drawing upon dozens of real life examples from coaches and clients, in which the author explains to you a simple and repeatable methodology to support others in living their fullest potential in every possible dimension of themselves.

Arjuna Ardagh is an Awakening Coach and has trained more than 13,000 others to facilitate awakening. He is the author of 8 books including the #1 National Bestseller The Translucent Revolution, which was featured in O Magazine. He teaches Awakening Coaching all over the world and has been a frequent keynote speaker at international conferences on the cutting edge of expanding consciousness.