Go Out And Boogie

A common concern that I hear from friends and clients is that when they are in Satsang, they feel free and empty, but when they return to their day to day lives, they easily get identified.

When you go to the movies, first you pay for your ticket. You give some energy to have an experience of a story. You sit down in a dark room because you’ve paid for and chosen a temporary experience of identification. Tremendous energy has gone into creating that for your entertainment.

If you sit in a movie theater obsessed with the idea “This is just a movie; I’m in a movie theater. This is just flickering images on a white screen. I will not get identified,” you won’t have any fun! You may stay theoretically free, but so what? What is the point of going to the movies just so you can be free? You have to dance a little bit with why you are there.

You have been empty, free, unborn, undying, limitlessness consciousness eternally. Before anything ever happened, you were that.

When it’s all said and done, when the whole circus is packed up and put away, you’ll still be that. But within that there was a choice made by consciousness itself (which is you), to create diversity, to have creation.
People get confused. They start quoting Indian philosophy, which is not properly understood or digested, and say that the whole purpose of creation is to have this emptiness. It’s ridiculous.

There was emptiness forever, Before creation. Why do you need creation to have emptiness? There has been a choice made by consciousness to incarnate and have an experience of diversity. Enjoy it! Why fight it? Inherent in your question is putting this empty, free, floating state above identification. But you’re here to get involved and to get your feet dirty.

You don’t have to do anything. It’s already taken care of— just relax. You are already spacious and empty; you always were. An impulse of divine will has arisen from out of your own self to go out and boogie. To be formlessness in form. That is what you are here for. Now dance—with abandon!


This is an excerpt from my book How About Now: Satsang with Arjuna. Click here to purchase your copy today!

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