Call Out in Longing

Please enjoy the following practice from my book Leap Before You Look, Sounds True, 2008:

Call Out in Longing
Level of Difficulty **

On the beach or in the forest,

Or alone in your room,

Call out to the divine to reveal itself to you.

Use your real voice and lips

To call out in longing to know God directly.

You can raise your voice loud:

Plead, bargain and demand.

Take one bold step toward the divine

And the divine will take a hundred steps toward you.
God has no face and no form. There is only Godliness. It is the purity of longing in the devotee that gives a face and a voice to the divine. All of us carry so many concepts about the nature of the divine from our childhood. We may have learned that God is very far away, and that we must earn his attention and blessings. We may have been taught that God is a very strict patriarch, that he has all kinds of rules and conditions, and that he will punish us if we do not conform.
Through practice, however, we learn that the divine reveals itself fully to the devotee according the way the devotee approaches the divine. If you are very afraid and meek, you may experience the face of God that is stern and unavailable. If you are very obedient and conforming, you may find a face for the divine that has many rules and regulations. If you are ashamed of yourself and have been co172015363_b3310f4c4dnditioned to feel a lot of guilt, you may experience the divine as punishing and unforgiving. You can create any relationship you want with the divine, and the divine will cooperate with you. Godliness can reveal itself as masculine or feminine, as old or young. God can be the divine mother, God can be your friend. Create the kind of relationship with the divine that allows you to feel divine love and support.
Call out in longing to the divine to reveal itself in a personal way. Call out as a child might call out to a mother or a father. Demand that you be heard. If you open yourself in a very personal and intimate way to the divine, then the divine will open to you in this way as well.

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3 Responses to “Call Out in Longing”

  1. Anita June 4, 2009 at 10:56 am // Reply

    Thank you! So beautiful.
    Some time ago I went to find (sort of again) god. I had some conflicting feelings and thoughts about god.
    I am god also. God is all there is and not is. So talking with god is talking with myself or some other form, an angel, spirit guide. Calling out for god, god comes in a form which I ‘understand’, I can’t comprehend the formless (yet). I also had some cleaning up to do with the male form of god we still use the most. I have not been growing up religiously only I come from a catholic root and god is a father there. And the men in my live have been acting like dictators with a lot of sexual abuse and power mis-use, so really some cleaning up to do.
    To make a long story short πŸ˜€ somewhere last week I could open up again to the divine in a personal intimate way by making god grandparents. And that was/is so wonderful.
    Since a few days I ‘talk’ with god again in myself. Now it is me, anybody, anything and all. Most of all it is Love. Your article here is such a beautiful confirmation! Thanks again, god πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€



  2. Susan June 4, 2009 at 12:28 pm // Reply

    Anita, seeing god as grandparents brought immediate, soulful, cleansing tears..remembering the nuturing of one grandmother and great grandmother. But even closer knowing the love, respect, and longing I have for my own grandchildren. I “get it”.
    Thank you,


    • Anita June 4, 2009 at 8:20 pm // Reply

      That is so beautiful!



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