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The Yoga Class

Yoga has never been a primary strength for me. I prefer gentler approaches to caring for the body, like taking long baths, lying in bed, or receiving massage. Sam soon had us doing things I would not have thought possible or advisable. We had to stretch our legs straight out in front of us, and […]


Freedom by Fire

Guest Blog by Chris Johnson I could hear the phone ringing inside my apartment as I fumbled through my keys looking for the door key, and dropping them instead. Picked them up, fumble, fumble, key sliding in the lock with a satisfying thunk. Key turns and the sound of the ringing grows suddenly louder. There’s […]


Three Good Reasons to Become a Coach

I am aware of three good and valid reasons why someone might consider taking a coaching training. There is no hierarchy of merit in these. Each is perfectly right for a particular person. The first reason to train to become a coach is because you love the idea of receiving support from your peers and […]


The Arrest

Out past Yarrowville the trouble began. We were on a small, two-lane road, very straight, lined by tall yew trees standing naked to the sky, like anorexic models. As the Eagles declared I’m already gone, Joey’s foot hit the floor. The speedometer rose steadily, 50, 55, 60, on and on it went.  “We have to […]


Recreate Yourself

Many centuries ago, the poet Bunan wrote: Die while alive, 
And be absolutely dead. Then do whatever you want; It’s all good. Bunan is not talking about a physical death, or causing any harm to the body. He is talking about a willingness to let go constantly of the definitions you have placed upon yourself, […]


Relax and Wait

The key to accessing a deeper source of thought and action is the willingness to relax and wait. In Iago’s trance, “I don’t know” is to be avoided at all costs. Translucent action requires the wisdom of “I don’t know” as its firm foundation. Through practice, we come to recognize that the thought machine is […]


Why do we get addicted?

Why do people smoke cigarettes, or eat junk food, or look at pornography on the internet? You would be astounded by the statistics of how many males in the United States look at pornography on the internet. I have worked with many people who had that kind of addiction going on. A client will say […]


No Preparation Required

Suppose your glasses are sitting on your nose, but you have the idea, “I’ve lost my glasses.” You look under the sofa-not there.  You look under the cushions-not there.  You look under your bed, you look on top of the medicine cabinets, you look in your car, you look in the garden; you conduct a […]


How to Find the Right Coach

It is hard to believe that modern day life coaching is a profession that is less than 25 years old. Go back to the late 80’s and if anyone said “I’m a coach” the immediate answer would be, “Oh really, what sport?” Today there are life coaches, relationship coaches, executive coaches, divorce coaches, wellness coaches, […]


Why Do We Avoid our Greatness?

I’ve written eight books so far, and I just came out with the latest one, Better Than Sex. The books that I’ve written previously were a little more erudite, many had footnotes, a long bibliography, and careful references. About a year ago I realized “Hey, I’m in my 50’s, sooner or later I’ve just got […]


Another F**king Growth Opportunity!!

I’m just back from four weeks of traveling in Austria and Germany. It was an extremely rewarding and intense tour through many German cities, culminating in the residential Awakening Coaching Training. Traveling around the world over the last many years has been a great privilege. It has given me an insight into what’s going on […]


The Real Conspiracy

Every now and then people send me email, or stop me urgently in the grocery store, to share the dire news of how we are all being manipulated by dark forces lurking in the shadows. I get regular updates about chem-trails, aliens in charge of government, and attempts by multi-national pharmaceuticals to robs us of […]


How to become Instantly more Kissable

I woke up a few days ago, and found a interesting little piece in Elephant  Journal called “Take off Your {Fake} Face.” Waylon Lewis suggests “go au naturel (on your face, at least), or wear a bit less—and maybe you’ll be even more kissable!” He includes there a link to 52 pictures, on the NY […]


How to Enjoy a Good Fight

A few years ago, when my children were still young, we had two of everything in my house, just like Noah. My eldest son had two white mice in his room, who lived in a cage. My younger son has two adorable rats: perhaps the most caring and innocent sentient beings I have had the […]


Masculine and Feminine Energies

When a man is run by masculine energy without any conscious presence brought to it, without any element of awakening, he is going to be run by the more unconscious aspects of the masculine. These are the qualities that are generally least attractive to the feminine. Some examples would be destructive competitiveness, being over-analytical and […]