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Why People Get Coached

When I wrote my most recent book, Radical Brilliance, I conducted more than 420 interviews with the most brilliant people I could find, alive on the planet today. I was looking for common themes which they shared: habits, traits, and mindsets that were a reliable predictor of brilliance. Not all brilliant people are incredibly healthy (most […]


Use the Right Tool

I was talking to a friend recently who shared with me that after many years of working on herself, she still felt cramped by the effect of childhood trauma. This is a woman who has practiced meditation for decades, who sat with some prominent spiritual teachers, who has done every kind of yoga and Chi […]


The Miracle of Practice

I checked my WhatsApp today, and found that somebody had left me an audio message. It was from one of my coaching clients, who has been working on a particular set of challenges that have hindered him for most of his life. When I listened to the message, I hardly recognized his voice or his […]


How to Grow from Disappointment

If we want to live extraordinary lives, you and me, if we aspire to be pioneers, to say the things that have never been said before, to do the things that have never been done before, to imagine things that have never been imagined before, we are in the same breath opening ourselves up to […]


Why are we Obsessed with Celebrities?

The team of people who work at Awakening Coaching get together regularly on Google Hangout to catch up on things. “How was your weekend?” “What are the upcoming courses we are offering?” “How is the new book?” But we also like to talk about the state of the world. We were chatting together about what […]


Breaking Through Double Bind

One of the most brilliant minds of the 20th century was the anthropologist Gregory Bateson. His book Towards an Ecology of Mind, really a collection of essays, is perhaps one of the best kept secrets of totally-brilliant-awesome-stuff available on the planet. This weekend I put the last touches on my new book, Better than Sex. Not […]