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The Prostitution of the Word

I grew up among writers. My father was a journalist for the London Times, who later went on to write seventeen books. My mother was an editor at Faber and Faber. T.S. Eliot sat in the next office to my Mum. Back in the 1960s, publishing was known as “the gentleman’s profession.” Deals were made […]

The Wisdom of Inadequacy

“I screwed up…” “I’m a failure…” “I’m not good enough…” “It’s my fault…” Everyone has thoughts like this from time to time. Everyone sometimes experiences the emotions of shame, inadequacy, guilt, and remorse. The pop psychology/New Age/spirituality world has given these thoughts and feelings an unequivocally bad wrap. They are thought of as toxic, limited: […]

The Brilliance Cycle

Most likely as you read these words, I will be flying overhead on my way back from Frankfurt, Germany, to my home in California… and my beautiful wife… and my beautiful cat… and my beautiful house. I have been a little homesick this time! If you live in America, go look out the window right now, […]

The Most Reliable Predictor of Brilliance

Since John Gray and I completed our book, Conscious Men, we have started working on several new projects together. Just in case you’re wondering: John is really one of the most fun, generous, intelligent, and kind people I’ve ever met. Working with him is a dream come true. Our next project is called The Conscious Woman’s Guide […]


Why People Stay in Boring Jobs

Way back when, probably just two or three generations ago, you had relatively little choice of what kind of work you would do in your life. Before the Second World War, in most parts of the world, if your father was a carpenter, it was clear what you would do. Yep, that is it. Carpentry. […]


Creation Vacation

We just got to the end of a 21 day intensive called “Creative Flow”. There were people from all over the world joining together: writers, inventors, artists, musicians. In teaching this course, I had to really stop and find out: what is the process that allows a creative spark, a flickering across the screen of […]