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Discard the Old

This is a practice from my latest book: Leap Before You Look.” This practice is chosen from the section “The Daily Grind.” Take some time to discard what is no longer needed. You could start with your clothes. Be honest: if you have not worn it for a year, Put it in a bag for […]

Give What You Hope To Receive

Here is a practice you can use right away, from my book “Leap Before You Look.” When you notice yourself wanting something from your partner, Stop and label it. I need your respect; I need you to clean up after yourself; I need you to notice how much I do for you. Once you become […]

Call Out in Longing

Please enjoy the following practice from my book Leap Before You Look, Sounds True, 2008: Call Out in Longing Level of Difficulty ** On the beach or in the forest, Or alone in your room, Call out to the divine to reveal itself to you. Use your real voice and lips To call out in […]

Pure Waiting

With record prices at the pumps, both Freddy and Fannie looking really quite punch drunk, much of California covered in smoke, and an economic forecast gloomier by the day, many people today find that their response to our world has gradually shifted from patient optimism to concern to, well, freakin’ out. As a writer, public […]