I work with a few select private clients at any time. The process is extremely deep, and suitable for clients willing to question their values and beliefs in a fundamental way, and to reboot their lives. The process is extremely client-centered, which means that you define the objectives, you recognize the obstacles and you also discover the most fun and easy ways to get there. My job as your coach is to ask the right questions, and to point you to the practices that will serve you.

What I bring to You:

I help you to define your longing on your own terms.

I help you to strip away what you’ve been told you should want so that you can discover what it is that you actually do want. For example, many of my clients have been taught to believe that they should want success, happiness, money, or even “enlightenment,” but generally speaking, these values have been taught from the outside and have not necessarily arisen from deep within the heart at the client themselves. I’m really good at helping you rediscover why you’re on the planet on your own terms.

I have unparalleled skill as a facilitator of “radical awakening”.

For  more than twenty years, I have been helping people to shift from preoccupation with thoughts and feelings to a recognition of their true nature as limitless, free, infinitely creative and resourceful. This is the foundation of everything else in your life.  When you have this access to awakening, everything else falls into place.

I’m able to help you feel into the very specific blocks which prevent you from living this limitless consciousness in your day to day life.

We don’t focus so much on the content of these blocks:  the stories, the beliefs, the emotional patterns, but on the actual contraction in energy itself.  It’s quick and it’s easy. You can read more about this on the Awakening Coaching Training website.

I have decades of experience in helping you find the right practice to live your day to day life free of these kind of limits.

Every time we meet, I’ll give you a set of practices to do. This generally take just a few minutes a day and you report back on your progress so I can fine tune in with you.

I have a knack to helping people to recognize their unique gift and how to bring it solidly forth into the world.

As the accumulation of all of the above, I help you to discover how to activate that unique gift into a life of vision and service so that you can go to sleep each night with a feeling of “Ahh, I lived today totally.”

Please complete the application form (link below) to apply to work with me one on one.

I only work with very few clients at any one time.  The process is intense, and takes a lot of time and attention. We meet for a number of individual sessions over the phone, by Skype, (or sometimes in person if you live in or want to travel to Nevada City).

Apply for a free orientation session

If I can work with you myself, I will contact you to make the first appointment.  Otherwise, we will select the right Certified Awakening Coach to contact you, who can best serve your needs.

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  1. HI I had submitted an online request for one-on one coaching via skype but have not heard back. I am based overseas so I am not sure if someone tried to call but it didnt go through.
    Thanks so much

  2. Hello, Arjuna Ardagh!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH. I have just viewed “Awake in the Dream” multiple times, and was so excited about your teaching on “judgment”! The past nine years (age 60 to 69) have been spent in extensive study. Three years were with Lama Surya Das. Recent study includes reading Yogananda and other teachers. It feels as if something is about to break through. Your comments about hypnosis on p. xiii of Relaxing into Clear Seeing are so helpful. I always knew there had to be a connection between hypnosis and meditation, especially what so many call “guided meditation”. You have confirmed it. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! will register for the 5-day course. Lisa

  3. Hi Arjuna-
    Did you receive my application for a 1:1 session?


  4. I am going to be in San Rafael Ca.during the week of August 15-20. I read that you used to work there. I assume that you are now in Nevada City.

    • i am in Nevada City, yes
      for me to work with you as a client, you need to complete the application and do a phone interview
      I only work with a very few people at any one time

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