Did We Find God?

The top news story today is that scientists at CERN, the Swiss organization which oversees the $10-billion Large Hadron Collider beneath the Swiss-French border, may have final proof for the “God Particle,” which would mysteriously and magically explain everything else in the Universe.

It’s not quite right to call these infinitesimally small building blocks of creation particles, because they behave either as a particle or as a wave, depending on the way they are perceived. Try to find a “thing” existing in time and space, and it appears as a particle. Cease trying to define it, and it becomes a wave that is everywhere and nowhere all at the same time. Peter Higgs postulated more than 40 years ago that this infinitesimally small building block is the “spark” that exists between the unified field state and matter as we know it.

Funnily enough, I’ve been doing some similar research over the past few years, but it hasn’t made it onto the national news

Peter Higgs

(not yet, at least, but meglomaniac ambition springs eternal). You probably know my book, the Translucent Revolution, which came out in 2005. At that time I interviewed 170 celebrated visionaries, as well as surveying thousands of others. I was interested to talk to people who are tapped into their own access to the “unified field”, but rather than in a 17 mile tunnel under the Swiss-French border, the research was being done in another laboratory, a field buried beneath the space where thoughts and feelings play.

Everybody, from time to time, has tapped into that place of limitless consciousness, where boundaries dissolve and you become everything and nothing at the same time. Over the last years, I’ve continued this research, interviewing brilliant people who are discovering proof of this same  “God Particle” within themselves. When you seek out the God Particle in a laboratory in Switzerland, it’s called the “Higgs boson.” When you seek for the God Particle within your own consciousness, it’s known as pure genius: divinely inspired creativity. It’s the spark which causes everything new and original to take birth.  Rest in your own consciousness, and its a wave.  Try to create something, and it becomes a particle, in this case a thought.

Over the last years I’ve been interviewing incredibly inspiring and brilliant people on high-definition video, to discover the mechanics of this divine spark. Why is it that some people struggle endlessly, making huge amounts of effort, which only end in frustration, while others find that they can relax into a stillness within themselves, out of which everything takes form spontaneously? Is it possible to learn and duplicate the mechanics of pure inspiration?

Out of all of these interviews I’ve come to some fascinating conclusions.  Ok. well they are totally fascinating to me, and i’m kinda hoping you might get tweaked as well.  I’ve put them together into a new course I’ve released recently, called Living Awakening.

I’m going to present the essence of what I’ve discovered to you in a free tele-seminar this Thursday, at 6pm Pacific Time.

You can register for the call here.

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