So what’s the most beautiful word in the whole English language?

Out of 470,000 words to choose from, which single word, combined with it’s meaning, is the most liberating, the most joyful, and offers the greatest hope for our future as a species?

How about “antiestablishmentarianism?” Terrific for Scrabble scores, yes. But we can do better than that.

“Forgiveness.” “Oneness.” What about a tried and tested old favorite: “Love”words-300x179

My very favorite word in the English language, the word that I believe can transform your life most deeply, and shift you from a beggar to an emperor every time, is the word “Enough.”

Six beautiful letters, three of them vowels: E-N-O-U-G-H.

Just one intonation of the word “enough” brings you into deep appreciation of all that you’ve already got. Any day you wake up with the song of “enough” in your heart is a day you’ve succeeded before you can even get out of bed.

“Enough money” helps you to remember that if you’re just making more than $48,000 per year, you are the 1%, at least on a global scale (check out globalrichlist.com if you don’t believe me).

“Enough time” relaxes your breathing, allows you to remember that you’ve never been late for the present moment.

“Enough friends” supports you to go deeper with the people already in your life, instead of looking for upgrades.

“Enough” allows you to be generous.

“Enough” allows you to be creative.

“Enough” shifts your life from centering around the question of “how can I get more for me?,” to “how can I contribute to everyone else?”too-much-300x199Enough might have started off as a modest little six letter word, but it spawned a whole movement: the practice of sufficiency. Individuals, governments, organizations, corporations, are today discovering what it means to live from enough.

This Thursday I am going to be in conversation with Duane Elgin and Lynne Twist about the practicalities of shifting into a life founded on the recognition of enough.

Click here if you’d like to register to join the free call.

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