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Radical Brilliance Intensive
Bern, Switzerland
March 3-4, 2018
with Arjuna Ardagh

Event Description:

In this very full weekend intensive, we will thoroughly explore all of the components which contribute to being brilliant. Everybody has a unique gift to give: a special way that they shine and give their gift to the world. For someone it might be cooking incredible food, for someone it might be making an environment extraordinarily beautiful, the someone it might be the quality of their relationships, for someone it might be running a company, writing a book, or creating music. Whenever anyone discovers their own unique gift in their way of being radically brilliant, life becomes effortless, fun, and easy. Money flows on its own. And you naturally have access to your true nature as limitless consciousness.

In this weekend you will discover everything you need to know about becoming radically brilliant.

>> You will discover your deepest longing: what you most hope and long to give into the world

>> You will have doubts free recognition of your true nature as limitless consciousness: beyond birth and death, with no limitations, the source of everything that is brilliant, funny, and healing

>> You will have an opportunity to recognize everything that gets in the way of giving your gift, and to learn how to dissolve it in just a few minutes

>> You will learn practices to shake up the automatic habits which often govern our lives, so that you can find new ways to live in a way that allow you to be brilliant

>> Come to this weekend with a deep desire to give everything in your life, and we will support you to make your dreams a reality

Address & Directions:

Die Quelle
Museumstrasse 10

Cost and Payment:


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Cancellation Policy:

Please refer to Organizer.


Saturday 24th 10 am to 5 pm
Sunday 25th 10 am 5 pm

Meals and Accommodation:

There are many great restaurants within a short walk of the venue as well as many good hotels.

What to Bring:

Comfortable Clothing

For more information about this event:

Andrea Lindau
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