Flying High with your Roots Deeply in the Earth

I had a fantastic year last year, probably my best on the record. I had two new books published, some great vacations with my family, we trained more than a hundred new coaches, and I basked in the glories of a marvelous marriage. I am a lucky guy, and I hope that you feel lucky too.  

Among so, so many great days, I want to tell you about a few days last year that really stand out above the rest: those I spent with my bmh_gardendear friend Barbara Marx Hubbard, in her home in Santa Barbara last summer.

Barbara just turned 84, but whenever I go to visit her for a few days I need a rest afterwards, she has so much energy, so much focus.  Barbara has such infatigueable enthusiasm for the potential of everyone she meets, as well as the potential of humanity, that I often find it hard to keep up with her. She generates enough ideas in one leisurely lunch time to keep a team of researchers busy for decades.

I think that perhaps the sweetest example of the effect that Barbara has on people was with my son Abhi.  We were driving back from Southern California in the spring, to visit a graduate school he was interested in. I asked him if I could drop off and visit a friend who also writes books, like I do.  He looked at me a little cautiously, like we had been down this road before: times when he ended up yawning and texting, while Dad talked shop to one of his friends.

 “Okay, Dad,” he said generously. “Since Santa Barbara is on the way, but half an hour tops, okay?”  I agreed.

So we sat together and had tea the four of us: Abhi, his girlfriend, Barbara and me. And much to his surprise, Barbara ignored me almost completely, and became fascinated by these two young people in the room. “What are your dreams?” she asked, “Where do you see humanity is going? What is the contribution you feel you were born to make?”  Barbara was showering questions like this on these young people like confetti at a wedding. They both lit up, sat straight up in their chairs, then leaned forward, and burst into animated dialogue.

I tried to keep my word as meticulously as I can with my kids. So at the appointed half hour mark, I stood up and said “Well Barbara it’s been great, we’ve got to go.” My son looked at me incredulously, “Really?” he said, forgetting the promise I had made to him. As we drove away from Barbara’s house he looked at me resolutely.  “We’ve got to go back and see that lady again very soon, Dad,” he said, “and for a much longer time.”

Barbara has that effect on people. She is fascinated by the evolutionary potential within all of us, the bud that is is waiting to bloom, given the appropriate light and soil. She is fascinated by our potential as a race, to use our current crisis as a stepping stone into a new phase of evolution.

So Abhi came along for the next visit to Barbara’s house, which was for several days this last summer. She and I dialogued together about every kind of topic you could imagine: the challenges people face, which can seems like obstacles, but can also turn into invitations for evolution. We talked about depression, and menopause, and creativity, and financial worries, and stress, and sex, and what she calls “suprasex”, and parenting and…  and… and…

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 5.30.47 PMThere was a beautiful synergy in that meeting of the two of us, because we have such complimentary skills. Barbara has a capacity to zoom out to see the bigger vision in everything. She can look at a seed and immediately see the whole tree contained within it, in a way that really transform every problem into an exciting solution. From working with Awakening Coaching for so many years I have the capacity to find the right simple practice, something you can do immediately to move from step A to step B, from step B to step C. So we codenamed those meetings “Wings Meets Roots:” the wings of Barbara’s expansive vision with the roots of simple daily practice.

Abhi continued listen attentively to every word, and recorded it all on a very high tech audio recording device. He also cooked us all gourmet meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (one of his signature gift), which of course elicited another round of animated question from Barbara.

Since that visit, which still stands in my mind as the peak of 2013, all of those dialogues have been edited into bite sized chunks of 5 to 15 minutes each.  Abhi and others on our team at Awakening Coaching have turned them into a 30 day adventure in evolution, which includes the dialogues and a practice for each day, with everything also transcribed into written format, and an extra “bonus gift of a video, audio or extra reading.   

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 5.29.10 PMI want to invite you to join Barbara and myself for a live conversation, where we can all talk together about how to use these times as huge opportunities for opening and giving your deepest gifts, on Saturday March 22nd at 10 am Pacific Time.   

We are going to tell you more about what transpired on those few magical days, about what we uncovered together about our evolutionary potential, and how you can transform each and every challenge in your life into an opportunity to surf the big waves of evolution.

Register for the Conversation with us here.


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  2. Werner J March 22, 2014 at 9:06 pm // Reply

    Hi Arjuna, thanks for the call today! I enjoyed it tremendously despite the dropout glitches. The wisdom spilled right over into the spaces.

    Your Awakening Coaching program looks great. I’ll be looking forward to the ten days of goodies!

    Always so good to meet another evolutionary. Many blessings to you.
    Werner John


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