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This is an excerpt from Conscious Men, a book I co-authored with John Gray.


The quickest way to fall into your Conscious Dharma is through inspiration. It happens when you recognize other people who inspire you deeply, and it happens during the moments in your own life when you feel most inspired and alive. This is when you become a “man on fire.” When these things happen, a vision crystallizes of the right use of your life where everything falls into place.

The way that we wrote this book together is a great example of living in this way. We created this book through hours and hours of dialogues at John’s home in Mill Valley. Arjuna came to stay for a few days at a time, and then we would hang out together in John’s office (something like a little cave dug into the hillside) or go for walks in the California sunshine with John’s dog. Many days we would be up with the sunrise, drink a quick smoothie for breakfast, and start our talks for the book at 7 a.m. We would go right through the day, and still be at it, energized and inspired at 11 or 12 at night. This process was more or less effortless for us. Subjectively, it just felt like we were having a great time doing what we most love with a close friend. At the same time, we were creating a book that we hope will serve many people.

This is the key not only to building fantastic friendships with other men, but also to living a life of vision. Let yourself become inspired by a long-term vision with an outcome that can have the greatest benefit for as many people as possible. Then plan each day around how to execute it.

When you discover your sense of Conscious Dharma, all the lights on your Christmas tree go on at once: everything falls into place. The people we interviewed for this book all experience a sense of having almost limitless energy. They can often work fourteen or sixteen hour days, but it feels more like play than work. They have relatively little stress. In fact, once you fall into this way of living, you understand that stress is a byproduct of doing things that are not right for you. For both of us (we both travel and teach seminars around the world), when we are living our purpose fully, it generates a sense of wellbeing unlike anything else. The idea of retirement becomes quite meaningless once you discover your Conscious Dharma. You can retire from a job. But once you are lucky enough to find what you do in the world as a perfect expression of your unique gifts and talents, you will never retire until your last breath.


From Conscious Men by Arjuna Ardagh and John Gray. You can order a paperback copy or Kindle edition on Amazon here.

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