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good-newsHere comes some undiluted, 100% pure good news.
You ready?
All right, here we go.

I know there’s all kinds of things to be worried about these days. The economy looks rocky, both nationally and globally, the gap between the haves and the have-nots has never been greater, there’s all kind of political tension in the world, and human beings’ impact on the environment poses a grave threat, not only to our future, but to many other species as well.

You depressed yet? I know, so am I.

But while so many things are falling apart, something really great, amazing and unexpected is happening too, and I feel lucky enough to be in the front lines where I can witness it unfolding before my very eyes, and report back and share it with you.

Chameli and I just got back from a really fantastic tour of Austria and Germany. In Vienna I shared the Living Awakening Course, in the city of such greats as Freud, Strauss and Mahler, and the results were spectacular.

In the room were thirty people of a variety of ages and backgrounds. Some you might say had a “spiritual” background, while many came from a business or medical background. Everybody, I mean everybody, fell into a deep place of limitless consciousness on the first morning. 20 years ago, this was not happening. Even a few years ago, it wasn’t happening in such a widespread way. Today, everybody falls into this spaciousness right away, and the rest of the workshop is spent exploring how to live day-to-day life from this awakening.
So what does inner freedom have to do with the economy, and the environment, and political tension?
Everything, I tell you. Everything.albert-einstein-245x300Many years ago, Albert Einstein said, “You cannot solve any problem in the same state of consciousness in which it was created.” The vast gap between the rich and the poor is only possible when people feel deeply separate from each other. The tensions which cause one group of people to want to kill another is all the result of separation. Even the destructive impact that human beings have on the environment can only happen when we feel separate from the earth.

We can’t think our way out of separation. We can’t read our way out or learn it from a teacher. It requires a real and profound shift in consciousness. And that’s what awakening means, to see beyond the story of a separate me, and to feel yourself to be boundary-less, never born, never dying.

As soon as people touch into this dimension of infinite consciousness, they also connect with infinite creativity and generosity: it is the field from which all solutions arise. The immediate byproduct of awakening in this way is to energize your unique gift, and then to begin to discover how to share that with the world. In times of economic challenge, there’s nothing more useful, there’s nothing more important, than to be tapped into the field of infinite possibility. Relationship solutions, parenting solutions, health breakthroughs, they all come from the same infinite realm of consciousness, deeper than thought and fleeting feeling.

Chameli and I went on to a retreat center near Munich where we shared the “Deeper Love” work with 60 German-speaking people. Again, it was awesome, marvelous, and inspiring. Just one layer deeper than the usual place where we meet in relationship, the place of a “you” and a “me,” so easily caught in personality struggles and in conflict, there is another field where we can meet, which is playful, humorous, generous, and free.

And now here comes the biggest news, the shout-it-from the-rooftops good news.

As you know, I’ve been training people to be facilitators of embodied awakening for almost 20 years. We used to always conduct these trainings as residential retreats, which meant it was necessary for the participant to travel, to take a week off work, and to pay for accommodation and airfare, as well as the course fee.olt-logo-250-150x150At the beginning of August we took a big, bold experiment. We ran a beta course with 30 participants from all over the world, and we conducted the entire course online. We created a website with streaming video, audio, and reading materials, as well as 16 interactive live tele-seminars.
Today I’m really delighted and proud to announce the results to you: It was a total success! People were fully trained and energized to share awakening with others without ever having to leave the comfort of their own home.

Here are the five biggest reasons why I think this news is so important, and relevant, and exciting  to you and me today:

  • For thousands of years, there has been a common understanding that this kind of awakening into expanded consciousness requires decades of preparation, or submission to a teacher, or a tradition. Today, people are able to access states of internal freedom and resourcefulness without decades of preparation, and without allegiance to any tradition.
  • This kind of awakening has often occurred within the context of a hierarchical relationship: the student looks up to the teacher, the disciple looks up to the master, the devotee looks up to the deity. 
Such organized hierarchy is always problematic. It’s potentially disempowering for the people on the ground. They become trained to look up to someone above them for the “goodies.” But it can be just as devastating for the lonely little fella sitting up on the pedestal, now with a massive myth of super-human powers to keep in tact. I’ve noticed everyone thrives in a spirit of mutuality.
  • Awakening has been mainly dominated, until the last few decades, by the masculine psyche. “Enlightenment” is a hyper-masculine concept. 63% of the people training to be awakening coaches with us are women, and they bring a down-to-earth, refreshing approach to the evolution of consciousness. It’s no longer about escaping the world, but about bringing love fully down into the body, and into life.
  • The kind of work we’re doing with Awakening Coaching is trans-tradition, trans-culture, and trans-belief. It focuses on the essence of real awakening, rather than the beliefs and dogma that often surrounds it.
  • Awakening has often been associated with “transcending the ego”, which has often been translated into leaving behind all personal qualities and desires. I am pleased to tell you that the people who are mastering Awakening Coaching, as practitioners and as clients, are enthusiastically embracing sexuality, the health of the body, and giving their gifts to the world.

I think Einstein was right on the money when he emphasized that changing our state of consciousness is the first step.

It’s happening now, dear friends, big time. It’s time for all of us to jump in and take the big leap out of the limitations of “me and my story,” and into the much bigger game of collective evolution. Join us, and become part of the solution.

I want to invite you to join me and the students and graduates of this latest training for a free online tele-seminar on
Monday, October 31st at 10am Pacific time (that’s 1pm on the East coast and 7pm in Europe).  During the call, I’m going to do live demonstrations, so make sure you indicate in the “questions” box on the tele-seminar play page if you’d like to volunteer to work with me on the call. We’re going to explain what the training is about, and you’ll be able to hook up with a student or graduate for a free “demo session” at your own convenience. If you’re interested to train in Awakening Coaching yourself, our next training starts on November 29th.  On the call, we will tell you how you can enroll.

You know the old saying: “When something falls apart, something else grows to take its place.” I’m fully aware of all the disturbing and scary things that are happening in the world these days, but I also feel very lucky to be in touch with what is new and beautiful and good, and to able to share it with you and other friends.

I send you all my love. Please make sure to join me live on that tele-seminar.

Here’s the link again.

All the Best,


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