Inspired Certainty

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Excerpt from “Better than Sex” by Arjuna Ardagh

Strangely enough, the majority of human beings have become so hypnotized by thoughts, fleeting feelings, and unresolved problems which appear to demand immediate solution, that their access to their true nature as limitless consciousness has gone. When the clouds are there, clouds are all there is, and that can be a terrifying and bewildering place to live, with no solutions in sight.

Inspired Certainty simply means that you have had enough of a recognition of the dimension of yourself that is free: the infinity in which finite objects appear, the stillness in which sound is heard, the formlessness in which the body and all other form are created. The recognition is deep enough that it cannot be forgotten. It may not be at the forefront of your attention all the time, but any doubt has evaporated that this is who you really are. The thoughts and feelings are passing in a consciousness that is infinite; the clouds are passing in an infinite blue sky. Once this recognition becomes settled within you about your own thoughts and stories, quite quickly it becomes true about listening to other peoples’ thoughts and stories as well.

seen-scene_lWe need to make an important distinction here, because Inspired Certainty does not mean that you are now somehow permanently in a vacuum, no longer having thoughts or feelings. It simply means that you now know the context in which thoughts and feelings are arising, in yourself and in everybody else. You now know what that means: the little things are dancing in the vastness, and not the other way around.
Inspired Certainty means that a coach, through being in a relationship with another person, can help the other person to restore this context. They intuitively know that freedom is just a breath away. They intuitively know who the client really is, and that knowing guides the other person home.

It is impossible to emphasize enough how important it is to have one or more people always in your life who have this sense of Inspired Certainty…

index…So, this is Inspired Certainty. You know what is possible. You see so clearly the hidden brilliance in another person that just the seeing of it brings it forth. This is the first and most important quality of Awakening Coaching. You see behind the story of “Me” and “My life” into infinite consciousness and potential. You know absolutely that your client is the sky, coming to see you in your office, dressed up as a cloud. You are willing to participate in the cloud conversation, but you know without a doubt that the sky is also here. This absolute certainty about who you are, and who the client is, becomes infectious and the foundation for awakening consciousness.


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