Guest Post: A Millionaire’s Advice… “Have Fun!”

By Chris Nielson

My friend Ward is an amazing man who is passionate about life and sharing what he has learned with others. Let me share a small bit of his wisdom with you.

Ward Hanigan wakes daily and gives thanks for being alive. He is 75. Each morning, he looks in the mirror and says his intention aloud: to have fun. He is appreciative of life.
He knows he has won the lottery, because the sperm that created him beat out 200 million other sperm. He knows; he counted. You, too, you reading this… you won your own lottery.

As a young boy, Ward spent time in an orphanage. He was smaller than most and learned to use his words and read people. But none of that would have matter if not for one woman. One summer his Aunt Mae pulled Ward and his older brother from the orphanage for a summer. Aunt Mae had a big yellow car. No seat belts back then, so Ward slid with the curves, and the biggest curve he got was his aunt’s words, and her reaction to his own. When he spoke, she listened—an adult that mattered listened and shared. She said to him, “Ward, I am never going to worry about you again. You are going to be wealthy.”

His aunt’s words were a gift that he never forgot, and Ward eventually hit that curve ball out of the park. He made his fortune in real estate and extended it with his own brand of training. I have been in a room with over a dozen millionaires that Ward has trained, and I have listened to how they credit him for changing their lives.

Ward is a voracious reader. He recalled reading a book about how just one person believing in a child can make the difference between life and death, misery and success. He immediately thought of Aunt Mae’s words to his childhood self, how her belief in him changed the course of his life.

Ward looked for a hero to mimic, and eventually settled upon Benjamin Franklin, after reading his autobiography. Franklin had bad habits like talking too much, so Franklin changed them. Ward followed his example. Ward studied his good and bad habits, knowing he had the power to create new habits to replace the old ones. Ward also learned how to break success down into small steps, and he made a habit of stepping toward success daily.

When you have the power to create your own habits, you can create your own life. Remember: you have won the lottery. You are here, alive, and you can change at anytime. Baby steps. Follow Ward’s example: Wake up! Have Fun!

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  1. Joe Gagliano May 14, 2016 at 12:16 am // Reply

    Great outlook! And so true about the affect a single adult can have on a child.


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