The Miracles That Happen Beyond Time and Space

We’re four weeks into the current Awakening Coaching Training, and it’s been inspiring, gratifying, and deeply touching, to be sharing shifting consciousness with people from all over the world. Our participants this time come from Paraguay, Chile, Germany, Sweden, England, Canada, and all over the United States. Now here’s a wonderful little miracle that this training demonstrates, which is a great thing to tune into just as we move into the Christmas holidays:

The Awakening Coaching integrates Seven Core Competencies.  The second of the core competencies is called Absolute Presence.  It involves learning how to be so completely present for another person that you become free of both external and internal distraction. That means that you’re not texting or checking Facebook while you’re there for the other person, but you’re also not rehearsing what you’re going to say next, or running judgements or comments on what they’re saying to you. We have a particular method we use in the Awakening Coaching Training, so that just about anybody can learn how to become absolutely present, through a specific technique, in a very short period of time. The technique we use comes from a Tibetan tradition that predates even Tibetan Buddhism. I’ve been training people in this way all the way back to 1987, and it works great every time. Now here is the amazing update:

Up until a few months ago, I always trained people in person. That means we were all in the room together in California, or Sweden, or Germany, or somewhere, and Anna would sit in front of Joe, and Joe would start to talk about what’s going on for him, and Anna would practice this technique of Absolute Presence for ten to fifteen minutes, and then we’d all switch over, and come back to a big circle and share what happened. Sure enough, when we did this in person, the one speaking would feel completely received, loved even. They would get the sense that they were brought into a huge accepting loving energy which, in and of itself, had healing and resolution, without any need for further action. This is the power of Absolute Presence.

When we started teaching the Awakening Coaching Training online a few months ago, we had to find out how this would work when people were not in the same room, but sometimes separated by thousands of miles. Last Tuesday, for example, I put people into pairs (our high-tech conference technology allows us to do that!), and once again, Paula in Rio di Janeiro found herself listening to Brian in London, while Brian talked about something that was up for him, and Paula listened in this particular way.

The amazing thing is that the results were exactly the same as if they were in the same room together. The one speaking reports that they feel completely held, loved. They notice that the issue begins to resolve itself on it’s own. They feel a magical quality opening up in their consciousness.

I’ll let you decide what to make of all this. It turns our conventional understanding of time and space on its head. Just like I talked about last week, with the latest boundaries being crossed in quantum physics research, in one dimension there is matter: tangible, existing in a fixed location, and created and destroyed in time. At another level everything is everywhere all at the same time, and you can connect with another person’s experience, not necessarily by going there with your body, but by going there with your intention, and your presence. Every other aspect of the Awakening Coaching Training is revealing the same thing to be true. All of the shifts that we learn to bring about with each other happen equally well from the other side of the world.

One of the most powerful, and often welcome, impacts that one human being can have on another is with healing disease in the body. This week I am very pleased to welcome back my good friend, Chunyi Lin, for a pre-Christmas healing bonanza. I believe that Chunyi Lin is one of the most powerful healers alive on the planet today. Chameli and I have both benefited immensely from his care and his services. We had him on a live healing call back in July, and dozens of people had conditions clear
 up over the phone when he just tuned into them for a few minutes.

We’ll be doing the same this Thursday, December 22nd, at 6pm. If you’d like Chunyi Lin to work with you personally, make sure you’re on the call by phone rather than over the web, and make sure that you indicate you want a one-on-one healing session when you register for the call.

You can register here.

My next blog post… (drum roll here please), will be my annual Christmas message, which the Queen of England and I usually do around the same time.

I hope to be with you on the call.

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8 Responses to “The Miracles That Happen Beyond Time and Space”

  1. Kathy Ebersberger December 21, 2011 at 6:23 am // Reply

    Thank you for all that you do!


  2. Kathy Ebersberger December 21, 2011 at 6:25 am // Reply

    Thank you for all that you do!
    You are very much appreciated


  3. lars christensen December 21, 2011 at 8:02 am // Reply

    We are all one.
    Consciously entering a state of oneness creates a pathway of transformation, like a deep big magnetic eraser undoing and uncreating the surface manifestations.
    The one and only thing standing in the way of personal and collective transformation are our selves, the surface consciousness.
    This is ancient knowledge and a secret to most people.
    Thank you for providing a source of knowledge for those wanting to regain their natural transformative state of being.


  4. biren December 21, 2011 at 9:05 am // Reply

    hi arjuna
    where do i indicate i desire a one-to-one healing?
    the registration page asked only for my name, email and country..


    • Jane December 21, 2011 at 11:49 am // Reply

      Hi Biren,
      I just had the same question but once you click on the email link that comes after you register then it takes you to a page with call-in instructions and there is a spot there for asking a question/asking for healing.
      All the best


  5. linda oughton December 21, 2011 at 12:43 pm // Reply

    Good Morning All
    I believe we are all being called if we listen during this time on the planet to bring our gifts to others so they may heal.
    I enjoyed your attention to “absolute presence”…this is one of the fundamentals of the 12 steps.
    Chunyi Lin was my master that opened the doors to “stillness and healing”. I absolutely agree he is a living master who has done the internal work. Infused his personality with his soul calling.
    I can now take one breath and am there. So now it is my job to give it away.
    in Light


  6. Crystalline Ruby Muse December 21, 2011 at 5:40 pm // Reply

    I love Chunyi Lin as a person & a teacher. I studied Spring Forest Qigong 1 & 2 with him many years ago in MN. However, I had a challenging experience with his healings. I had my dad fly up from Tennessee to Minnesota to visit & get healings in person with him. He had 6 healings in 6 days & did not notice any results at all. It was chronic back pain, so he would’ve noticed if there’d been a lessening of pain, but unfortunately there wasn’t.

    I was so disappointed & hurting for my dad, several hundred dollars poorer but feeling just as terrible! I was & still am stymied. I believe in energetic healing, & I believed in Chunyi Lin at the time. This left me bewildered, however.


  7. Dave Sykes December 21, 2011 at 11:21 pm // Reply

    Interesting. When getting a Master’s degree in Clinical psych., we were taught to be completely present for another, and as we paired off and practiced, those being listened to reported much the same results you offer. People feel held, understood, cared for, respected, even loved.

    One thing we noticed was that no one in the room (about 20 of us) had ever had the experience of just being listened to and validated for 45-50 minutes straight. Does not seem to happen in our culture.

    Thanks for your continuing good work.



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