I never thought I’d ask you this…

Many months ago, I was sitting on an airplane reading a book that someone had given me by Carl Callahan about the Mayan prophecies and 2012.  Now, I’m not a big believer in prophecies.  My favorite statement about 2012 came recently from Leonard Cohen who said, “People talk a lot about 2012.  In fact, some people say it might hit us as hard as Y2K did.”
But I digress.  It was an interesting book and I was enjoying it.  About twenty-five pages in, I looked up and gazed out of the airplane window.  “This is a great book,” I thought to myself, “but I’d much rather watch it on DVD.”  Ding… wait a minute, what did I just say?  I’d much rather watch it on DVD?  But I’m a writer!

When people ask me at parties, “what do you dooooo?  That’s my answer.  I’m a writer.  Writer, writer writer.  I’ve got seven books to my name.  My blogs always end up too long… And yet I’d rather watch it on DVD than read it?  What’s wrong with this picture?  This is like the health food store owner who’d rather eat at MacDonalds.

So, right there on United 1485 at 30,000 feet, I decided that my next project is not going to be a book at all.  Be careful what you ask for, because just a few months later I met the owner of a very successful multi media publisher, and now we have arranged to create a set based on the same orientation as The Translucent Revolution, which will include CDs, DVDs, a workbook, a card deck, a tele-seminar series, and many other goodies in a boxed set.  Perhaps even action figures? A theme park?  Ok, too much, got it.

I’ve not done anything like this before so I turned to one of my good friends, Alex Mandossian for advice.  You may have heard about Alex, he virtually invented the on-line tele-seminar and the technologies around it.  He’s a great expert in something that I know almost nothing about…marketing.  Alex is very generous with his time and we spent about an hour brainstorming this new adventure.  “You know Arjuna,” he said, “I’m not the one who can really tell you how to make this new project fantastic. In fact neither are you, because neither you nor I am your audience.  You need to ask the people who would potentially benefit from what you are going to create.”

Now this goes totally against the grain.  I’ve always thought of all my projects as top secret until they are released.  Don’t want to leak out a single word of a new book until it’s on the shelves.  What if somebody beats me to press?

So, dear friend, I never thought I’d ask you this question… but here it is:

What would you like to see me create?  Do you like this idea of a multi-media set like I just described?  Is that something you might like for yourself?  Is it something that you would recommend to your friends?  What kind of balance would you prefer between audio content, video, and the printed word?

The Translucent Revolution was built upon 170 in depth interviews and 13,000 surveys.  Would you be more interested to hear the voices of many different experts on translucent living or would you prefer to hear it primarily from me?  Do you like guided meditations and instructions on practices?  Do you like to be in tele-seminars and on-line forums where you can interact with people from all over the world?

If you have read the Translucent Revolution, which topics in that book grabbed you the most?  Are you interested in Translucent Relating?  Or Parenting?  Does Translucent Business excite you?  Are you more interested in the possibilities of a translucent individual life, or are you more passionate about your Awakening World? What would you like to have read more of?  What was there too much of?  Which of the people I interviewed were most interesting to you?  Which ones could you have passed on?  If I could interview anyone, I mean anyone, for this new project on Translucent Living, who would it be?

Tell me your thoughts.
I’d love to hear them.
Thanks in advance for helping me out.
Your good friend,
Arjuna Ardagh

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80 Responses to “I never thought I’d ask you this…”

  1. Josie Taglienti July 22, 2009 at 8:53 pm // Reply

    Personal prefrences:
    TELE-SEMINARS / YES (Always appreciate what you have to say )..and most others.
    Books / YES and love YOUR books
    CD / DVD / Can do without and usually do /
    GUIDED MEDITATIONS / have only found one person in 20 plus years whose voice and visions i could meditate to / so NO to this one
    LEONARD COHEN / YES use him as often as you like ! Just kidding but you as a member of humanity just gained 75 points with mention of Leonard Cohen…i know…i know…we are all one …..but the space we all are and the part of space he pokes his lovely self out of is ……well worth spacing next to….thanks for including us…buona fortuna, te voglio bene, per tutti giorni.


  2. Josie Taglienti July 22, 2009 at 11:34 pm // Reply

    Interview anyone about Oneness Blessings, most interestied in World Awakening….
    Eckardt Tolle and anyone else who will speak about the evolvement ‘revolution’…
    and everything you know that you would share with us regarding the same, including other planet brothers and sisters…
    Love and blessings for all days for all


  3. Linda Carrington July 22, 2009 at 11:41 pm // Reply

    I have not read, “The Translucent Revolution,” yet. I read, “The Last Laugh,” and Like I said before Please Please make it into a full production classy Movie. One that will be seen all over the world. It will transform everyone who sees it. It will! I was at the workshop in E. Lansing, Michigan in February.


  4. Karen Wood July 23, 2009 at 3:09 am // Reply

    My first thought when I read this post was, “Oh, No! Please also publish whatever you’re thinking of producing in book form, as well!” As a bibliophile, I just adore the printed word and love to read and mark up my copies — and then share my books with friends. When you asked what parts of TR grabbed me the most, I started to run get it and cite specifics — then stopped cold. It’s on loan to my soulfriend, Sandi! She’s been kidding me about how I’ve marked it up — smiley faces here, stars there, highlights, underlines, exclamation points out the kazoo. That book had a transformative effect on my life, and I am trying to picture a DVD series or CD doing the same thing. Perhaps my thinking has something to do with some people being more visually oriented vs. word-oriented. I’m obviously word- oriented!

    Other than the sections on Translucent Parenting (I don’t have biological children) and Translucent Education, pretty much the rest of the book would be hard for me to choose a favorite part. I just know I have it out on loan so much that I really need to get more than one copy!

    You asked about guided meditations. Personally, I’m into silent meditation. I adore the Silence! I’ve had some pretty good guided meditation experiences, but they pale in comparision to powerful silent meditation experiences. Having just said that, I’m open to new experiences and am sure that anything you offer would be well-researched, well-presented and well worth exploring.

    Regarding tele-seminars and on-line forums: I have found these experiences to be somewhat limited and awkward, although there is much to appreciate and admire about the endeavors. In reality, I find I don’t participate as often as I intend to.

    No matter what you do, keep writing books, please! And however your new venture unfolds, you’ll have a fan here, no matter what!


    • Arjuna Ardagh August 2, 2009 at 4:49 am // Reply

      thanks Karen! I think I’m giving books a break for now, I’m loving making movies! I will take all your feedback into account


  5. Jacqueline July 23, 2009 at 6:59 am // Reply

    Hi Arjuna,

    I thought about this question overnight without grabbing the book and reading through it again. Going through my own transformation a few years ago, it was good to read about so many who went through this and changed their life completely. When things start changing in your life you first think this is only happening to you and no one else. Reading TR opened up a world for me. It showed me the significance of my own transformation as a revolutionary impulse in all of us. And what could an individual tranformation mean to the world we live in? Well that was something that became clear to me when I read about the multinationals who had changed their ways of dealing with all sorts of challenges we face these times. These changes began with one person in the organisation who started questioning the way they were dealing with things and inspiring the rest of the company. That effect is what inspired me in my personal life, one man can change the world. And I see it happening in lots of different ways now. I would love to see interviews with these highly inspiring people, who will most certainly inspire others who would never read a book (with this many pages).
    About meditating, when I tell people I meditate daily they start questioning; how does that work, where do I begin, etc.
    In a country like the Netherlands every one seems interested and wants to know all about it but actually doing it seems still a little weird. I would suggest start by explaining what is meditation and what can it do for you. The way you speak is clear and down to earth and I haven’t found a clear and down to earth video about meditating yet.

    With love,


  6. SR July 23, 2009 at 11:47 am // Reply

    To make it easier to follow these are my answers to your questions.

    Do you like this idea of a multi-media set like I just described? yes
    Is that something you might like for yourself? yes
    Is it something that you would recommend to your friends? yes
    What kind of balance would you prefer between audio content, video, and the printed word? actually prefer video and audio. No time for reading
    Would you be more interested to hear the voices of many different experts on translucent living or would you prefer to hear it primarily from me? Having the luminaries give their responses would be good.
    Do you like guided meditations and instructions on practices? yes
    Do you like to be in tele-seminars and on-line forums where you can interact with people from all over the world? Prefer this to teleconference only. Should always use on-line along with the telephone.
    Which topics in that book grabbed you the most? All except parenting (mine are grown)
    Are you interested in Translucent Relating? absolutely
    Are you more interested in the possibilities of a translucent individual life, or are you more passionate about your Awakening World? Both… how the individual life will help with the Awaking World
    If I could interview anyone, I mean anyone, for this new project on Translucent Living, who would it be? Gregg Braden


    • Sue Barrows August 6, 2009 at 5:15 am // Reply

      I would prefer a CD that I can listen to while I relax for guided meditation. I need to be able to focus and distance myself from daily stresses. A CD can be used almost anywhere. It’s most important to have a someone with a voice that is soothing and relaxing. I greatly value the wisdom of the Dali Lama. Mostly what I need is a retreat to sanity.


  7. Nancy July 23, 2009 at 3:58 pm // Reply

    Hi Arjuna,
    I love books, and I also love the boxed set with surprises. Sometimes I’m too tired to read but would like to listen to a CD, or watch a DVD before I go to bed. I just want the info to go into my subconscious without a lot of work, you know what I mean? Sometimes I want a project and cards with instructions would be great. Other times, I’m happy to sit with a book, as with a friend, and go slowly bit by bit, carefully so I don’t miss anything, or fast, fast fast to absorb it as quickly as I can because it’s so exciting.

    I will just say this for your inspiration. You, on DVD or CD, are calm and relaxing for me; inspiring, but in a quiet kind of way. So, if you want to make a DVD, you might also include other people who have a different (see Leonard Cohen serious, or Anthony Robbins exciting) demeanor just for variation. Because life in the moment includes all those emotions, does it not?

    And, by the way, why doesn’t anyone ever include a comedian on these things? I’d like to think that living a translucent life would also include some laughs.

    – Best to you, and thank you!



    • Arjuna Ardagh August 2, 2009 at 4:46 am // Reply

      thanks, dear one! we have comedians lined up already! And the rest of your comments are very helpful


  8. Nancy July 23, 2009 at 4:02 pm // Reply

    PS, “Just like me.” is the best tool since the fork!


    • Arjuna Ardagh August 2, 2009 at 4:45 am // Reply

      thanks Nnacy. I guess this is a very good thing, if you are into forks!


  9. Sheasa July 24, 2009 at 1:23 am // Reply

    I agree with Karen, nothing quite replaces the feeling of a book in one hand and a nice cup of tea in the other. Knowing me as well as you do, I’m sure you could figure out that i would be very pleased if you wrote another novel. I feel that often fiction can convey messages to people that they become much more receptive of than when it is delivered in a self-help or nonfiction genre. Plus, it just sounds like such a fun project, as if we don’t have enough. OK, that’s all I wanted to say. 🙂


  10. Marion July 24, 2009 at 10:05 pm // Reply

    Hi Arjuna,

    well – I think now I understood why we have so many different kind of “Cornflakes” :-). In the sixties or seventies we had “Corn Flakes” and than the Marketing Experts started to ask the customers “how would you like to have your Cornflakes” – and the result is….
    if we go now in a Supermarket, than we are faced with countless various types of Cornflakes……

    And now you ask the people what you will have to create?
    You will get countless various answers.
    Some people love the printed word – some the CD – or DVD – some the Teleseminar.
    Our Marketing Experts will not get tired of creating new tools.

    I like your books and your CD’s – and my feeling is – your passion is writing.
    You ask what would we like to read more of?
    I ask you Arjuna – what would you like to let know the people? What is your passion?
    Awakening? Of course – and people need to cultivate their awakening. And I know – you are brilliant in supporting people in that process. Share your clarity – your wisdom – and the way you discover the world.
    Offer your “Cornflakes”…:-)

    ….and don’t forget to offer personal meetings with you – payable Workshops or Retreats – not only Trainings….

    With Love and friendship


    • Arjuna Ardagh August 2, 2009 at 4:44 am // Reply

      thank you dear friend! Cornflakes it is then, forget the CDs and DVDs. I’m going into breakfast cereal!
      love to you



      • MarianneO August 16, 2009 at 2:11 pm // Reply

        What I love with my cereal in the morning is music with a joyful beat, movement and laughter. I would love to see the silly side of awakening included in your teachings on a DVD.


  11. katesalway July 26, 2009 at 11:49 am // Reply

    Arjuna Please interview Jed McKenna for your next book or DVD


  12. Anna July 29, 2009 at 4:24 am // Reply

    I like being able to talk to people from all over at the same time, so a teleconference would be great, but at the moment i can only do it if it is free. I don’t think a card deck is necessary, that has been overdone. Thank you for asking us this question.


  13. Bruce Terrell August 2, 2009 at 5:45 am // Reply

    Hello Arjuna,

    When I think about connecting back in with your work, which I have have not been in touch with for quite a few years, I would be most interested in partaking of it in video. Some of the most powerful and transformational video for me may include some talking people, but also just spoken words with the back ground of visionary art somewhat like the light show at a rock concert. Brilliant, stirring visuals open parts of me that words can not reach and with the fullness of that visual experience spoken words can go deeper.

    In regards to which direction you take, I would suggest you go with that which feels most joyful, exciting and expansive for you. What is best for you, as I see it, is best for us since we are all part of one single awesome infinite dance.

    I look forward to seeing what emerges for you.



  14. Duff August 2, 2009 at 7:06 am // Reply

    I will not buy anything marketed in the ways that Mandossian and the other internet scammers would sell it.


  15. Ned Law August 2, 2009 at 7:16 am // Reply

    make a DVD, its a different avenue, its good to try something new and u might reach a new audience. As a younger person i would love to see a younger audience reached out to. Interview a wide range of people and perspectives you wouldnt notmally perhaps



  16. livia August 2, 2009 at 9:11 am // Reply

    Arjuna i do love all your books and also the C.d,S and the audio DvS but i do love all you wriite and is easy for me a book because i travell a lot and of course awakening !!! but well go where your heart tells you.
    love and grace.


  17. livia August 2, 2009 at 9:15 am // Reply

    i love all you writte, the Cd´s and also the Dvd´s audios but for me the best is a book because i do travell a lot so it is easy to pack a couple of books that you can read anywhere..
    but my friend do what ever your heart will tell you and it will be great.
    with love and blessings.


  18. Tinna August 2, 2009 at 10:06 am // Reply

    CD’s are what I always chose, but I’m a slow reader, and I think the message comes through much clearer when you hear the voice of the actual person. Why not make a really magical film about what you want to say, show in pictures what words can’t describe?


  19. Andrea de Michaelis August 2, 2009 at 11:26 am // Reply

    As a publisher of a magazine, I read a LOT of material and selectively sift what to include each month, so I know I’m not the typical consumer. I much prefer books to dvd simply because they are silent. Living in as much personal silence as I can is essential to my lifestyle. I personally don’t care for guided meditations but get feedback from a lot of people who do. I don’t care for tele-seminars but get feedback from a lot of people who do. I prefer books I can skim through for inspiration over and over through the years, rather than a dvd to watch and listen to. Translucent Business – YES.

    Your work stands out as relevant and rich and I am always eager for your next writing. Thank you and bless you for all you do in turning us on to who we really are and what our possibilities are.


    • Sundari Venkatraman August 6, 2009 at 9:22 am // Reply

      I am glad that you sent me this blog of yours. I have not read your works. I feel that I have missed something terrific.
      I am a writer and I love to read. I agree with Andrea. I definitely prefer books to anything else. 🙂


  20. Nancy H August 2, 2009 at 1:45 pm // Reply

    My favorite way of learning is audios I can put on my iPod and listen while driving, walking…or whatever.
    I would prefer interviews with the indiviudals in their own voices.
    And I second the idea of Jed McKenna.


  21. verena maringer August 2, 2009 at 4:57 pm // Reply

    do you know “felix felicis” from harry potter? the potion which provides “luck”, so the drinker can’t do wrong and just follows the impulses and everything works out fine… actually it feels like we all are full of “felix felicis” and can’t do wrong, it feels lovely and relaxing and in the instant we remember that it doesn’t matter what we “do” and this is the fun, isn’t it?
    reckon life is answering this like all other „questions“ and there are no “decisions” to make but to watch at most, i know you definitely know this and reckon you just like me love to play and keep communication flowing 🙂

    asked as a potential “audience”, well, there is so much published stuff available, way to much to look at a tiny fraction properly, so i’d rather read (or hear or see or whatever) a shorter piece, which gets the point, for example i love your book “how about now”

    love 🙂


  22. barbara August 2, 2009 at 5:57 pm // Reply

    I lve reading, and I love CDs. MY car is my classroom, so If I love a book, I enjoy listening to it, too. Where I think the revolution is truly happening, and needed, is in the world of work, transluent business. The old way is archaic, as is the treadmill of work ( modern day slavery). I would like to see you interview Mark Silver. HIs work in this area is fabulous, breath taking.


  23. Wal Achmueller August 3, 2009 at 2:33 am // Reply

    Dear Arjuna,
    Technology is speeding up in all sorts of magical ways – over the past year I have moved from books to visual media – tidbits of short free enticements on youtube and other media can lead to fullblown appetite for longer and more intense profitable versions. The way we absorb info is changing rapidly and so are the application platforms. Just know what you want to share and the how will reveal itself – follow your intuition.
    Since you read Callahan you may already have seen the following – if not check out the 18 segments on the Mayan Calendar by Ian Lungold on youtube (quality is poor – content great)Ciao love Wal


  24. Denise August 4, 2009 at 12:15 pm // Reply

    I would like a multi-media set if it contained a really good Guided Meditation CD that could be used every day, and a workbook for journalling, as well as the DVD teachings, that included exercises to do each day. That would be something I could recommend to my friends as well.

    I would like it if the DVD was mostly you pulling all the ideas together with short teachings from each of the different experts. I would not prefer tele-seminars that entailed having to be on line at a specific time. Most of them accommodate West Coasters, so we East Coasters end up on line way past our bed-times. I love the idea of on-line forums, but in actuality, I
    rarely keep up with them because I’m on the computer too much as it is. Somehow being in a virtual world within an illusion seems counter-productive when the goal is to be aware of reality.

    As far as topics, I’m interested in Translucent Relating,the possibilities of a translucent individual life, and our Awakening World? More exercises, less theory. I loved Byron Katie and Adyashanti. I don’t know if I would pass on any of the interviewees, because they all had something to offer. If you could interview ANYONE, I would like to see
    The Dalai Llama and Thich Nhat Hanh.


  25. Kyle Winn August 6, 2009 at 5:15 am // Reply

    Hello Arjuna,
    I think this is where we left off one year ago.
    I am very clear, if how-to books and “talking head” delivery systems were effective the world would already be working for everyone. So, yes multi-media and repition is required for impact. I would love to engage with you to truly transform the way wisdom is packaged, transferred and integrated to a critical mass of us human types.
    Love you,


  26. David Thatcher August 6, 2009 at 5:44 am // Reply

    Hi Arjuna,

    We met very briefly at AmmaBhagavan’s darshan during the Oneness Temple dedication/opening celebrations. We almost connected when I stayed with your friends/neighbours Glen and Muffy a couple of years ago, and a couple of weeks back Troy (one of your men’s group for several years, and a good friend of mine going back 35 years!)just visited me here on Saltspring with his partner and daughter. Small world filled with surprising connections.

    You express interest in film. I’ve been told my book would make a fabulous, inspiring movie. Care to dance? I’ve astral travelled and remote viewed since infancy, often when going to sleep, my body goes to “sleep”,while I remain conscious and continue on in other dimensions of the one I am. Spirit demanded I write this book while in Golden City over several weeks a year ago. I feel there is value to the vision and insight expressed but it’s not finding its audience. Would you like to collaborate re. a movie? re. putting the info./insight to use? Perhaps you could work with me and others like me who have gifts to share, but for whom the doors have not yet quite opened.

    There’s lots of info at my noted website, and I’d be happy to send you a copy to explore.

    You’re an inspiration. Keep up the good work!!

    David Thatcher


  27. Saskia August 6, 2009 at 5:48 am // Reply

    Hi Arjuna,

    I have read the Translucent Revolution, I bought 2 copies to give as Birthday presents and lent my copy to at least 5 people, all of whom read it from cover to cover… except that just like me, they took them a LONG time to read it and I’ve only just got it back after an absence of 7 months!

    I guess that’s my long-winded way of saying that I think you’re on to something special with the multimedia approach because many, many people are put off by the thickness of a book these days and I truly feel that your awakening messages would spread around this globe of ours much faster if people didn’t HAVE to read it.

    Another little idea to add to your melting pot of ideas is to offer a service of sending a text message each day to subscribers, (a bit like, but more useful than, the astrology updates already available). So many young people rely on their mobile (cell) phone for everything these days, it would be remiss to forget them.

    Is TTR available in Amazon’s Kindle store? That’s another way to quickly and easily get people reading this wonderful material

    On a final note I have to tell you that I first heard of you back when you were being interviewed about the book on the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) and I had to do some serious legwork to find a copy here in Perth, Western Australia, but I persisted until I got one… and it changed my life.

    I have become much more “awake”, if not yet fully aware, and I thank you for your efforts to put your work out there for the likes of me to absorb. I often share the learning I gained from this and other works of yours I have bought since, with friends and associates, and in my own small way I am helping people to become more aware too.

    Thank you… well, for being you.

    I wish you all the very best


  28. Jennifer August 6, 2009 at 5:48 am // Reply

    Theme park! Theme Park!

    How fun would that be!?

    A multi-sensory translucent experience!

    Deeksha palace, meditation pools, hypnosis hydro-planes, sufi dancing yurts, holy artmaking tree houses, comfy chair movie nights featuring kettle-corn and HH the Dalai Lama and the like…

    I’ll even lend my fun-having expertise to the venture.

    And of course a slew of goodies to take home to relive the experience – DVDs CDs and yes, action figures! Maybe even tapes of the participants actual sessions – and, could we- have personalized action figures? (as a surprise at the end of course.)

    Sounds GREAT to me!


  29. yos joseph tany August 6, 2009 at 6:07 am // Reply

    Dear Arjuna,

    have been watching your work and followed your communicating, your talent, closely for a few years now.

    Once, 4 years back you even signed ‘Love’ on my-copy of ‘The Transclusent’ . I read it . As friend !

    I was in fact waiting for this consultation to occur.

    English is not my best language but I dare write in it, hoping for kind minds.

    Some writing in ‘this culture’ is already thought of and scripted for movies but in truth, good writing creates a space-value in itself.

    How Excited you are about the Tele-Seminars you know, it could become interactive video seminars.

    Additionally, a Video Channel for interviews with Your Youtube is very strong means. I spend nights through with watching new creators on line videos, THIS IS INSPIRING!

    Last, mmm allow this to be said; the intimacy with writing, all sorts, is great asset when working with video.

    BBlessed and hope to meet you again.

    Love, Joseph


  30. Jeeva August 6, 2009 at 6:32 am // Reply

    Yes, One Step forward to access everybody in the Internet as MP3 format, Video all should be easy access through E-Form.


  31. Jane August 6, 2009 at 7:07 am // Reply

    I love the idea of the DVD, work book, etc. I am beginning to really appreciate that I prefer to hear or see people speak than read yet another book (the side of my bed is stack with those I have yet to read). I experienced my first teleseminar yesterday (on the psychology of Marketing) and I have to say that by about half way through my concentratin had gone and I just wanted to move on. My friend, Andrew Walls, introduced me to the oneness blessing – and I have listended to a couple of your meditations, one called Beloved, which was a little difficult for me. Anyway, don’t know why I have gone to that topic. But I have just bought your audio book: Leap before you Look and am really excited about it.

    Blessings Jane


  32. ZERDA BARLOW August 6, 2009 at 8:17 am // Reply

    Dear Arjuna,
    Is this not where we make most progress?
    Words, we can return to,
    I wonder if the moving images are not distracting from the essence of the meaning.
    Might one become a video junkie? instead of gaining freedom.
    But there are of course many ways……..


  33. Raindance August 6, 2009 at 8:36 am // Reply

    I have received your emails for years. It was so strange that I received them for so long when I lived in Texas, and then ended up moving to the very same town that you live in! My humble opinion consists of: don’t go mainstream. Please. Stay unique. Somewhere, someone is blogging about you the way you blogged about MBB. How you are the “real deal”. Let me encourage you, in love and blessings, to keep it real. It’s life, not a commercial product, true? Just “tell it”.


  34. soundima August 6, 2009 at 8:45 am // Reply

    I mostly learn from audios as i don’t have the time to sit & read or watch a dvd.
    Your voice is also very good.So i would prefer an audio content


  35. Mike Grenville August 6, 2009 at 8:50 am // Reply

    I’ve read your books The Translucent Revolution and also The Oneness Blessing and you write clearly and with insight. Your DVD set of interviews with Sri Bhagavan are excellent as you have a way of interviewing that brings out many interesting points from the interviewee. Refreshingly you go back and ask the follow up questions that spring from the answers.

    The topic I would be most interested to have you conduct interviews on is the Great Turning Times that we are going through. Insights to help people wake up and how they can come together so that when trouble comes “we turn to each other and not on each other” – and a key person I would like you to interview is Joanna Macy.


  36. yvonne August 6, 2009 at 9:20 am // Reply

    What you should do is up to you and your marketing experts, since you are, next to being you, a ‘marketable product’ and this asking me what I want is part of that product. Don’t get me wrong; that’s just the way it is when someones ideas get picked up by a broader audience. Since ‘awakening’ became a market. There’s nothing wrong about marketing and wanting to market your things for the benifit of others and yourself.
    Just don’t forget to keep in touch with your original mission (lead as much people as you can in the process of awakening, as I read in one of your blogs). So stay affordable in all your products, not only in a book or cd or a free teleseminar but also in your trainings, retreats and so on, don’t be just exclusive (in marketing that means expensive!). Package your ‘stuff’ in what you like, book, cd, dvd, internet based seminars or whatever new thing comes along for you. Keep in that aswell. Because your customers will evolve: you’ll get new ones by putting the same message in a new medium (internet, dvd for some) and deepen your relationship with others by picking topics an go in depth or share new ideas/ perspectives and so on.
    Yes you will loose some people: they loved you when you were exclusive beacause ‘only they knew you’ and they don’t like to feel in a crowd or ‘marketed’. Let them run to, yes to whom? Maybe their profound next door neighbour?
    And don’t forget to travel to countries and guide people in their process by your presence. Preferably to my country, of course!!!
    But most of all, dear Arjuna, don’t forget to have fun with it. That’s what you have been sending to me with the books/blogs I’ve read and the cd’s I’ve listend to. Awakening is joy, within everything else. Thank you and bless you for opening that to me, next to knowledge.


  37. Ramasamy godhandaraman August 6, 2009 at 10:09 am // Reply

    Dear Arjuna
    namasthe, what ever the food you cook and feed to the people, their hungry stomach to be filled and they feel satisfied. same way what ever way u want to do seva, as long as the receipients are one inch ahead in their journey to Enlightenment,after tasting your meal. yes we have done our job. Continue in your own special ways of spreading and creating ONENESS whereever you are and whatever you do.

    Abundant love and regards


  38. Laura August 6, 2009 at 10:23 am // Reply

    Mmm, well I really enjoy your writing style….so I’d personally be disappointed if you stopped the books, and I also appreciated your interviews with Sri Bhagavan on Oneness. I have more than enough card decks and meditations already, so my vote would go to a book and DVD set. The book would set the scene – the DVD interviews would take us there with you. If you timed a bi-monthly seminar for a week-end where the timing would work for the UK and included a guided meditation and Q&A on a particular theme, maybe also inviting a guest (maybe one you’ve interviewed on the DVD) then that would be interesting too and I’d be happy to tell friends.

    Best wishes



    • Laura August 6, 2009 at 10:25 am // Reply

      oops I meant ‘Teleseminar’, not ‘seminar’ above.


  39. Endree August 6, 2009 at 10:31 am // Reply

    I think it is a wonderful idea!
    I love books but sometimes it great to just listen. Teleseminars are interactive, which means for me, we can connect somehow with each others.
    CDs are great but I’m not to keen with DVDs although it always depends on how it is presented and what is presented.

    Congratulations! & Go for it!


  40. Pachier VIRASAMI August 6, 2009 at 12:05 pm // Reply

    Would enjoy listening…..
    Love and light


  41. Pachier VIRASAMI August 6, 2009 at 12:07 pm // Reply

    Would enjoy listening and have book as
    Love and light


  42. Renee August 6, 2009 at 12:54 pm // Reply

    I have recently been working in the same direction on a smaller scale. Since people learn differently, it makes sense to me to reach them in as many ways as possible.

    I might be overwhelmed with too many forms of multimedia in one box. What about packaging somehow based on preferences?


  43. sheila shane August 6, 2009 at 1:37 pm // Reply

    i spend too much time already crouched in front of the computer but dvd would be enjoyable


  44. Mangalya August 6, 2009 at 1:54 pm // Reply

    A set works well, and you have to write the script for the DVD anyway, and with you narrating, what else is there to say? JGFI (Just Go For It)! DVD is great when we get a little tired and we don’t want to do the read. A read is best when we’re not ready to relax enough to watch a DVD. I think this is a done deal, don’t you, brother?

    Namah Shivaya



  45. Lindsay August 6, 2009 at 2:05 pm // Reply

    Interview I’d most like to see/ hear/ read would be Barack Obama. Let’s get him in on the Translucent revolution.

    Topic most interested in: Awakening and ways to best support it in daily life and specifically during these times. Money and relationships are such mandatory areas of life–how they inter
    relate with awakening.

    Thanks, Arjuna–keep up the good work!
    May I add that I hope whatever you produce will be price sensitive.


  46. Marlyse August 6, 2009 at 3:05 pm // Reply

    Arjuna, to answer your question I love your books and CD s and also like teleseminars but there are so many events going on in our lives so that it might help if we can watch a presentation at our own time.I prefer a presentation that effects awakening and I would like you to get together with Craig Hamilton and Thom F. Cavalli, Ph D who is an expert on Alchemical Psychology. In addition to the above I would like to get the printed seminar of the awakening counseling teleseminar for which I am glad to pay. But Arjuna whatever you decide will be great because you are unique, have wonderful values and a joyous way to communicate. Thank you for being you. Tashi Delek PS. Sometime an interview with a Tibetan Lama would be different. Marlyse


  47. Morgine August 6, 2009 at 3:09 pm // Reply


    I feel you are ALWAYS guided where you need to go next. Inside that inner spaciousness, especially when you are not”thinking” about it, is when the Magic happens. I happen to love books! I love reading them. I also loved your Letting Go CD set which I still listen to and learn from. The tele seminars are INCREDIBLE in comparison to others I have taken! I was totally transformed. I also know the “in person” ones are even more incredible!!

    YET I am being told Video is the current “wave” people are riding on. I must admit, while I seldom
    watch such things, I do have a few and really enjoy seeing someone in person for a change! Seeing how they look and I can connect on another level. Yet once is enough for me and I return to the other modes.

    I also agree with other people that you need to FOLLOW your passion! Spirit guides you in the right direction and you heart is singing along the way. If you are in struggle and confused, something is wrong.

    I have a dear friend and teacher, like you, who recently had to consider marketing for her upcoming book. While her entire “story” was all about following her inner guidance (and it was one of the most amazing I have read.. very inspiring) she was now surrounded by “experts” telling her how to market her book with long copyright pages and NLP tactics and all the rest used by some very successful people who have figured out “the system” which can sell millions of dollars of products.

    I have seen people pressure people from the stage with similar techniques and many people are very, very gullible to these kinds of tactics. They work and make millions of dollars. I once read that about 70% or more never even read the books, open the material, etc.. These tactics do not resonate with me. And I find I would be sacrificing my inner guidance, my joy and my integrity, attempting to use something to convince someone to make a purchase they might normally not make, because I think “I” know better what they “need” than they do. I want people to purchase my products because they feel inspired, connected, engaged with what I have to offer. They like it so much they are telling all their friends as well!

    Many great teachers like you, share gifts which are transforming consciousness and that is one of the most valuable things in today’s culture of sleeping, numb people. We need to awaken to our true brilliance and magnificence. Yet I feel it is easy to get caught up in those habitual patterns again when it comes to marketing, selling and so on, and disconnect from our hearts and that wisdom which brought us to this moment.

    I believe the vision of the DVD came because there are people hungry and thirsty for what you have to offer and might need it in a different format. I would not let go of the rest. I feel the same energy which provided you with the idea, also contains all the wisdom to answer this question as well.

    Endless love and great appreciation, Morgine


  48. Tiffany August 6, 2009 at 3:21 pm // Reply

    I would love to see a DVD with different segments like a discussion group, one on one interviews, a guided meditation with beautiful music (that could also be downloaded to an ipod). It would be lovely to have the contributors create an inspired mini-book in there own handwriting and with their own art that would go inside the DVD case. I would love to see focus on the aspects of life we are all juggling- self, family, relationships, work, etc, and how to become more translucent in all of these areas. I am so excited to see what comes of this project.


  49. Vivi August 6, 2009 at 3:21 pm // Reply

    Hi Arjuna,
    I have a friend who is dyslexic and never reads, only gets new info from CDs. My mind on the other hand, is organized visually. As such I’m sorry to hear you are off of books.

    My point is that we all take info in differently. I don’t get as much out of DVD’s, and they are distracting in trivial ways, but they are quick. and some guided meditations help me lots.

    My advice, keep books and offer the same material in different ways, CDs or DVDs or seminars or teleseminars or whatever the meisters of the media persuade you.


  50. Maggie Milliette August 6, 2009 at 3:34 pm // Reply

    Dear Arjuna,Thank you for this lastest request for input on your next project. I would have love to attend the Awakened Couching seminars but cannot afford to get to CA now, yet communication and helping one another awaken through presence practice is essential to community (communication /unity).
    I have taken up with a wonderful group of people in the midwest practicing Compassionate Communication, Marshall Rosenbergs work, which I think may be somewhat similar to your Awakened Couching. Anyway “watching” a good facilitator take someone through a process, a several people through a process, of awakened couching is what I would like to see. It’s hands on stuff more than head stuff and speaks to me.
    In Oneness, Namaste,Maggie


  51. Lois August 6, 2009 at 3:50 pm // Reply

    Dear Arjuna,

    Keep writing please,even if you go for it all. I take authors and their books ofcourse,everywhere I go. I have read two of yours.

    If “you could interview anyone” I would be so excited about James of the Lyricus.org and WingMakers.com who answered 25 questions recently by email for “Project Camelot”.If you take in those questions and answers you can see on

    We are fotunate to know you Arjuna;you do great service and are loved.
    Lois from Toledo Ohio


  52. Vicki August 6, 2009 at 4:12 pm // Reply

    I’m a friend of Tony and Karen in Nevada City. Karen, who is in my women’s group turned me onto one of your books and I loved it! I can’t remember the name though… sorry.
    I am an artist (possible reason I can’t remember the name of the book) and think a CD would be a wonderful compliment to your book.
    I’m learning it’s important to stay apart of this changing world and have a way to be in contact with the generations that are geared to other media such as Facebook, Twitter and misc audio visual media.
    My guess is your idea was “heaven sent” and I say go for it! I liked the way “the secret” did it’s CD, with interviews and good graphics. I haven’t seen too much else to compare to. I like the idea of interviews with different people.
    Thanks so much for sharing your work.. it made a difference to me!
    :-), Vicki
    PS loved your teleseminar… thanks!


  53. Carol August 6, 2009 at 4:25 pm // Reply

    Hello, Arjuna! I enjoy your work, I respect your passion and drive to get knowledge circulated. I have an interest in the Awakening. Material that is easy to carry and or easy to access works better for most individual that feel they have a busy life style. Books are wonderful for referencing. Ebooks work well and are an effective way to save costs on printing and distribution.

    The box set approach is fun for people. It is like openning up a present with multiple gifts in it. Will each item be used to its fullest, can’t say.

    I would enjoy watching a seminar that has individuals like yourself that are popular, having very real discussions on selected topic, maybe weekly or monthly.

    I am would love to see and share in creating exciting material that are marketed to target a more youthful audience. They are open to change and are hungry for it.

    Instead of all the violent games that are out there,it would be wonderful to see like minds create a game that is so interesting it keeps you coming back for more and as you go from level to level you are actually learning something new and developing as you play. You can have teleconferences on secrets to the next level that is interactive. You can make it as big as you’d like it.

    Anyway. I can enjoy your work and look forward to more of it in whatever form you choose to present it.

    Heart to Heart!




  54. Kurt Christiansen August 6, 2009 at 4:55 pm // Reply

    I would love to hear from people like Eckhart Tolle and Ken Wilber.
    Also, Drs. Ron & Mary Hulnick are awakened leaders and teachers at University of Santa Monica, a graduate degree program in Spiritual Psychology. This is not your typical woo-woo kind of program, but an integral, experiential based, awaken to your Authentic Self and share that in the world program. I highly encourage you to check it out. (www.UniversityofSantaMonica.edu)

    As for books and DVDs:
    For me, I prefer the book version and some guided meditations on CD. The DVD would be great for me to hand around to all of my friends that are just beginning to be curious about all of this spiritual awakening stuff. They wouldn’t necessarily buy it, but I would so that I could share it with them. Because they are probably not going to read your books.

    Hope this is assistful.

    Love & Laughter,


  55. Al Braidwood August 6, 2009 at 4:58 pm // Reply

    I appreciate your timely communiques and enjoy reading them. I’m in the autumn of my life and find myself increasingly drawn to the personal element in DVD presentations. In other words, they’re the nearest thing, absent the actual person, to being engaged with the aura and ethos of the human being who is communicating his/her awareness concerning a particular topic.


  56. Kitty August 6, 2009 at 6:33 pm // Reply


    I am all for you not giving up writing. There is nothing between the word and the reader. You come through loud and clear. You write with clarity and you are a good teacher.

    I realize others would benefit from other media for your teaching and that is fine-but your writing a book is pure. There is no distraction reading a book.

    If you find you will decide to put together a package containing different things, I agree with another person who stated, please keep it affordable so those less fortunate can receive the blessing you give.

    Arjuna, keep it simple. So much is lost in complexity.

    Thank you for all you do.


  57. Jeanne August 6, 2009 at 7:24 pm // Reply


    I read your Translucent Revolution at a time when I was just beginning to learn about the expansion of consciousness. Your story about a man who was meditating and suddenly realized in a concrete way that he was one with everything: the bird singing outside, the teapot, his sleeping wife, – that story really struck me, and I’ve thought of it hundreds of times, and repeated it to many friends, in trying to explain to them what I have been exploring of late.

    I ended up going to California to attend your workshop on deeksha, and I was grateful for that opportunity to meet you in person. Your presence is so profound to me.

    But I digress… what I would love to see, more than anything else, is a DVD documentary, to bring this vital truth (the nature of consciousness and reality) to the masses. I yearn to open the eyes of others (to AWAKEN them) to the nature of reality as you (and others) have done for me. I would love for others to hear the story of the meditating man, and other stories of ordinary/extraordinary people. Perhaps with you leading the way. Perhaps with conversations with other teachers. How about making this mainstream, as it should be? (I’m sure it feels mainstream in California and other liberal enclaves, but, believe me, it is still radical stuff in the “heartland.”)



  58. Steve August 6, 2009 at 7:36 pm // Reply

    The DVD is a good idea. It would be a way to share the core of your message using a media that is a great teaching tool.

    Maybe the following confession will clarify why I think this. I have a copy of your book, The Translucent Revolution, but, even though I enjoyed your message and found it very informative, I only read the first half of the book and then skimmed the rest of it. This isn’t meant as a criticism. Its just that I only have so much free time and a lot of interests. Anything that is engaging, informative and to the point is always much appreciated.

    Thanks for all your wonderful work.


  59. Robin West August 6, 2009 at 10:29 pm // Reply

    Greetings Arjuna,
    Thank you for your invitation to offer my comments.
    First I must confess that I haven’t actually read any of your books. I ordered and received Translucent Revolution but I was in grad school at the time and had a lot of reading.
    Yes, I like the multi-media idea. I have been listening to some great motivational CDs put out by Dani Johnson, it is a 10 CD set. Also my friends at Rejuvenate! Trainings more and more recommend multi-media as opposed to just print. Who really has time to sit down and read?
    In addition, I have just been hired as associate faculty at College of the Redwoods, a local community college in a rural area. I would love to have your stuff on a form of media such that I could utilize out-takes and bits and pieces in a classroom setting.
    I will be teaching a GUID class called Freshman Seminar. The textbook for it is On Course. It is life skills and “The Secret” kind of stuff. I will also be teaching a GS (General Studies) class called Learning Success. You can see how practical formats such as workbooks in 3-ring binders would make your materials accessible and share-able. Is that okay?
    Yes, I love CDs and DVDs as self-teaching tools that can be utilized at my convenience, in large or small chunks. Workbooks that go along are very helpful. I especially like the ones that actually refer to pages on the audio, so I know I’m tracking correctly, like in the Loral Langemeier series.
    I like hearing the voices of multiple experts. Different phrasings reach me in different ways, sometimes my inner light snaps on with the turn of a phrase. I love guided meditations and instructions on practices. I like being in teleseminars. I have a little trouble with timing regarding on-line forums, yet understand the value and fun of practicing with people all over the world.
    What I am most interested in, is living by demonstration in the most effective and influential ways possible. One was this for me, from another A. Ardagh teleseminars: Just like me. Other people are buttheads in whatever ways, just like me. That way other people can also be heroes, just like me. Ideas and practices that stabilize us in normalcy and at the same time validate our grace, our divinity and our humor are very helpful. As it says in the book How To Win Friends and Influence People, we are not creatures of logic. We are creatures of emotion and pride.
    Awakening World, if it means awakening the world around me, sounds wonderful. I am particularly drawn to Revolutions, too. I want everything!
    Peace and Fun,


  60. dawn August 6, 2009 at 10:43 pm // Reply

    Hi Arjuna,
    Enjoyed reading your latest realization and how you are processing it. I love watching the “teachers” as students….open and curious to change and learning!
    As one with reading challenges, I am grateful to have another way to deepen this type of work….
    Thank you for your truly open heart and mind!

    Be Well,


  61. Jason Russell August 7, 2009 at 12:49 am // Reply

    I personally will not take the time to watch a DVD, I will however listen to a CD, that I can do while working out, driving, hiking etc.
    Please consider this in CD format as well.
    Thank you


  62. yos joseph tany August 7, 2009 at 9:28 pm // Reply

    You may not add to this long page Arjuna, but it occurs to me now, long after we have given up our personal stories, and after becoming one with our community, by its interactivity and especially in affirming your work, the story lingers on..only its an inter-dependent-inspiration from now on…BBlessed


  63. arjunaardagh August 8, 2009 at 5:32 am // Reply

    THANK YOU!! Everyone for so many fantastic and encouraging comments! Excellent! I have read them all, am digesting, and everything everyone says will play a part in this new creation.


  64. Luis August 8, 2009 at 4:23 pm // Reply

    Most definetely DVD’s and CD’s. I will always prefer to see a video than read the book.
    My mother will kill me for this kind of comment, but let’s face it, look around what the new generations are doing now. All kind of multimedia.
    I preferred the connection with the real person, then the video, next the voice, and last the book.
    Your persona is great for such adventure. Your voice is nice to follow in an exercise or meditation.
    YES for the invited speakers, but no lectures. How were their experiences in real life.
    Updates on facts about 2012-2013 is a must.
    Simple exercises to follow too.
    Blessings and Go for it !!!


  65. Pernilla August 8, 2009 at 7:51 pm // Reply

    Hello Arjuna!

    Im friend of your beloved Chameli. I have never met you in person but I have met you in dreams a few times so it feels we have a link:-)

    What my heart is saying is to write a book about the silent, many times hidden or even secret translucet revolution or living in “ordinary” peoples lives.

    To reach the masses. To tell EVERYONE you are also translucent. You have it in you also. maybe not fully awaken but there.

    This hierachy mind structure is so still so powerful, and I feel it´s so easy “ordinary” people feel it´s a dream the translucent thing, it´s not for me, I can not put it in my ordinary life, Im nobody, Im no spiritual and all that.

    But when I look around I see it EVERYWHERE in EVERYONE almost. Small or big actions, but huge counsciouness and huge love.

    For me counsciouness and love is the two key elements. And it´s so MANY out there doing amazing things. Carrying amazing gifts pulsing in their hearts and everyday life.

    It can be so many ways to put an angel on this. Like target groups or other ways.

    My feeling is that the big masses listen to someone similar to themselves. Not to a “spiritual” leader. The biggerst inspiration you get from someone close and similar.

    I can see my grandmother. How she weave the web of life into the mats she is weaving. She is aware about it. If you ask! Nobody have asked. Nobody have paid attention to so much UNIVERSAL INNER QUALITIES and WISDOM she carries and practice. Here in Sweden I see it more in the women. Maybe because that is my path and Im a woman as well.

    There are millions. My neigbour in telepathic and direct linked to her dogs and how she is a dog healer and a carrier of dog/human wisdom that hidden deep deep secrets of the love vibration the dogs are here to teach us.

    There is goes on and on and on.

    I think you get the point.

    So for me. Books YES. But to a NEW audience. And not to me mainly:-) To people who would naturally not step into any alternative bookstore. Like my mother, father, grandmother etc.

    Love and blessings and thanks for asking:-) Beautiful way



  66. Janette August 10, 2009 at 1:38 pm // Reply

    I see myself as a writer too, and definitely a reader, and I would defend printed books in any argument against other media, if the other media are intended to replace them. However, I too was recently shocked to realize that I am really enjoying listening to seminars, etc. online, and I buy CDs and DVDs even more readily than I buy books. Audio books are so good for the bath – they don’t get soggy! And also they rest the eyes. I have also realized that very valuable information can be offered to the public, in the form of e-books, which might perhaps be rejected by a publisher. So as an addition to books, I think these other media are attractive. And if they attract a dyed-in-the-wool book person, they must surely attract people who prefer other media in the first place. So I say, go for it. But make sure the DVDs are also playable in Europe, and not just the US.


  67. lisa schrader August 10, 2009 at 11:44 pm // Reply

    Dear Arjuna–first of all it’s brilliant to ask your target audience their opinion and let them drive your marketing. My answer to your question is “balance;” not so sexy perhaps but it seems to come back to balance in my life over and over again. I’m a lover of books–the smell, feel of them, underlining passages, and staining the covers with tea rings. AND the audio/visual realms are clearly the new “word.” So I say, yes, go for the multi-media (your vibrancy is infectious and will work well there I think) but don’t abandon the pages completely.


  68. Harry Brewster August 11, 2009 at 4:28 pm // Reply


    I totally like everything I’ve encountered thus far, books, cd’s, four part siminar. Last night I filled out the questioneer for the September coaching class and I guess it fired up a neuron or two regarding your request. I’ve read a lot of Krishnamurti in the past and his line of questioning can lead one to insight. Let’s take: Who are you? For me, in everyday thinking I’m not necessaraly in tune with the I, so to look at that singularly is difficult. If you developed a questioning where one could manifest the “I” more clearly, then, who am I, would mentally stand out more.

    I think I understand that an understanding of I in this way is not necessary for presence, however, I believe it would deepen it significantly.

    Thank you very much for asking this question as it has helped me think out what I’m looking for. Sincerely, Harry


  69. Mahendra August 13, 2009 at 4:41 pm // Reply

    Dear Arjuna,
    in my eyes your strength is and always will be: being the presence and nothing but the presence and allowing this to spread amongst people who are gathering around you! Everything else, like being a writer, a coach or a media producer or whatever else, may be great and enjoyable, but in the end these identities and their products will always divert you and your receiving friends from THIS!
    I’m sure the right media presentations for your work will come, and they will be great “fingers pointing to the moon”, unless you forget yourself, that they are not the moon!
    Wherever i see you on the internet media it is stated how many books you’ve written and never any mentioning of your Truth. I find it really embarassing. You are acting like a king (which you are in your unlimited presence) trying to become his own courtier.
    I still remember vividly our times in Lucknow, where Papaji blew the whole therapist concept from Pune and we were reduced to just being Nothings and Nothingness and that allowed so many beautiful happenings.

    Excuse me for being so straight forward here, you know I am sometimes a bit drastic, but you’ve asked for it!
    with love from Munich


  70. Lucy Trotter August 16, 2009 at 7:25 pm // Reply

    Hi Arjuna – I was in Jack Canfield’s Platinum Group and on a call you did with Robert MacPhee several weeks ago. That was the first I’d heard of you but it was very profound and moving for me and I’m very interested in working with you at some point. I liked the call so teleseminars are great. The only problem is when they get so big and you can’t really have any interaction with the speaker. Jack has a great format that I believe Alex helped him with called Ask Jack where people send in their questions ahead of the call and Jack responds to the questions during the call.

    Please don’t stop writing books, or only make your books available as ebooks. For serious readers there is no substitute for a real book with a cover that is portable and personal. Ebooks are expensive to print and awkward to keep. I don’t care if I have to wait a few days to get the book. It is worth the wait.

    For me personally, the boxed set with a CD, DVD, card deck and all the rest sounds a little like overkill. I would prefer to be able to buy them separately depending on what I want. CDs are great because you can pop them in your car and listen while driving. That’s a good way to stay centered while out and about in the world.
    A DVD set on what goes on in the awakening training would be nice plus interviews with people who have gone through it and how it has impacted their lives. I’m just as interested in hearing from everyday people as I am from experts.
    Like Karen, I’m not big on guided meditations. For me the silence of meditation is profound. I love to disappear in it and just feel myself being breathed.
    Above all, I hope you don’t become a big commercialized thing like so many do. It is a turn-off and what you are doing is too important.
    Now I’m going to go out today and get The Translucent Revolution!
    Thank you for requesting our input. I hope this is useful.
    With love and appreciation,


  71. Joan Summerhays November 17, 2009 at 8:59 pm // Reply

    Oops! I forgot to sign my comment.

    It would be,

    With love and blessings,

    Joanie (Summerhays)


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