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Qualia_bottlesA few months ago, my friend Jonathan Robinson introduced me to Qualia,  a new nutritional supplement produced by the Neurohacker Collective. It comes through the mail in two bottles, with jet black labels printed with gold ink.

You take Step 1 on rising. I usually wash it down with a glass of lemon water with a pinch of salt and a pinch of Xylitol. Since the first activity of my day is usually a 40 minute meditation, I have got into the habit of sitting on my meditation cushion, putting on the blindfold, setting the timer for 40 minutes, and then popping the Qualia. The results have been extraordinary.

I have been practicing meditation in one way or another since I was 14, in 1971. Although by now there is always a background of limitless space and silence, in the foreground there is quite a variation from day to day in the content of the mental activity. This is probably affected by what I ate the night before, how much I slept, the state of the moon, you name it. Maybe you know what I mean. Sometimes meditation is very deep and silent and still, and other times there is quite a bit of static on the airwaves.  Qualia totally takes care of that. The Step 1 bottle mysteriously and miraculously puts your brain into a highly focused and calm state where meditation goes deeper.

When meditation is over, I usually take off my blindfold, open my eyes, and do some creative writing. Once again, Qualia works miracles. There is a clarity, you could say a greater ability to “download” original thoughts and ideas.

Step 2 you take with breakfast. I have not noticed a huge immediate effect: the ingredients in Step 2 are designed to rebuild the brain over a longer time-span with more effective neural-pathways for optimal brain functioning.

I have experimented with a lot of things that come in bottles over my life, and this is definitely the jackpot, not only for me, but for everyone I have shared it with as well.

The good people at the Neurohacker Collective have been kind enough to offer my friends, like you, a 10% discount on Qualia, which you can get by clicking this link here. If you like what you see there, click “View Options.”  When you checkout, type the word “brilliant” into the special code box to get the 10% discountIf you do not experience the effects that I did in within the first 100 days, they give you your money back in full.

Finally, here is an excerpt from an interview I did recently with Daniel Schmachtenberg, the co-founder of Neurohacker Collective.   Fascinating stuff!

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