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Does the Internet Bring out the Worst in Us?

As a writer, I love to talk about myself. It is not just because it is my favorite topic and I am very narcissistic (which are definitely contributing factors), but it is also because whenever we talk about ourselves, or give our own lives as an example, we are standing on fairly firm ground.  When […]

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Cyberventing: Does the internet bring out the worst in us?

A couple of years ago I spent a very pleasant few days over New Year’s Eve at a conference in Monterey, California. One of the other speakers was my old friend, Coleman Barks, who most of us know for his brilliant, touching and soul-stirring translations of Rumi. We got to chatting over lunch one day, […]

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Overcoming Fear of Success

… Consider the sad and ominous story of JasonRussell. His name may have already flashed past you by now, in the whirlwind of current events. So let me remind you: Along with three of his buddies, Jason created the film Kony 2012, which attracted more than 80 million hits on Youtube a few weeks ago. […]

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