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Just the other day, I heard the word “inspired” in a whole new way. One of my coaching clients, who has a big bold vision to change the world in a wonderful way, was telling me he had felt blocked in his flow and so started reading other people’s work for “inspiration.” The word “inspire” […]


The Neurochemistry of Flow

The following is an excerpt from my latest book, Radical Brilliance. Enjoy! As we move from states of awakening to states of flow, researchers suggest that we still see the secretion of serotonin, but now with increased secretion of dopamine, subjectively moving us from contentment to excitement. Dr. Fred Travis, the director of the Center for […]

The Wisdom of Inadequacy

“I screwed up…” “I’m a failure…” “I’m not good enough…” “It’s my fault…” Everyone has thoughts like this from time to time. Everyone sometimes experiences the emotions of shame, inadequacy, guilt, and remorse. The pop psychology/New Age/spirituality world has given these thoughts and feelings an unequivocally bad wrap. They are thought of as toxic, limited: […]


When There is Nothing to Say

Every Monday I write a new post on this site. Something I’ve never written before – and hopefully something I’ve never thought before. On Thursday another post goes up, which is an excerpt from a book or something previously published. For this week, I got ready to write my post, and discovered I had nothing […]


The One Thing

There is a secret. The greatest secret. The ultimate secret. It is a secret not because it’s in any way restricted, or withheld, or kept private. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It’s more freely available to you than anything else. It is a secret rather like a modest looking little Italian restaurant tucked away […]