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What is in the way of Freedom?

My teacher in India, H.W.L. Poonja,  used to tell a wonderful story. I remember one day we were all gathered together with him. He used to like to tease us.  “What is the one thing that most gets in the way of freedom?” he asked.  “The mind,” somebody suggested.  “The ego,” said another. He shook […]


Ask, “Is It True?”

Here’s a passage from my book Leap Before You Look. When you notice yourself needing to be right, When you notice your mind is strongly attached to any conclusion, Stop and ask yourself, “Is it true?” Do I really know this? Is this an absolute, objective, unchanging fact? Would every sane person in the world […]

Enlightenment is a Con-Trick

When I get on the radio, or in an interview for a magazine, they often want to fit what I am saying into a pre-established pigeon-hole. Indian sounding name… been to India… talks about awakening…, aha, this must be a spiritual teacher talking about enlightenment. And so the first question I’m often asked is,” So, […]