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Bringing Forth Your True Sense of Purpose

This is an excerpt from Conscious Men, written by John Gray and Arjuna Ardagh. Researchers like Elizabeth Kubler-Ross tell us that people who have a “near death experience” often describe seeing their whole life flash before their eyes. They realize that they had been chasing all the wrong dreams. Later, they stop pursuing money and fame […]

Deep Listening

This is an excerpt from Conscious Men, written by John Gray and Arjuna Ardagh. There are many dimensions to listening. One is just like the sky: to be still and receive. Simply listening to someone sharing challenges and issues may in itself be the solution that is required. Particularly for a woman, when she feels […]

Communication in the Bedroom

This is an excerpt from Conscious Men, by John Gray and Arjuna Ardagh.   We have learned that the most important gift a woman can give to a man is to communicate her needs: to find ways to tell him honestly when she wants to have sex, when she wants to be sensuous and cuddle, […]

Be Present with Your Feelings

This is an excerpt from Conscious Men, written by John Gray and Arjuna Ardagh.    All men have feelings, ranging from shame and humiliation, to anger and outrage, to tenderness and compassion. The primary difference between different men is not what we each feel, but our capacity to be with it and express it in a […]

Emotional Endurance Training

This is an excerpt from Conscious Men, a book I co-authored with John Gray. As we grow more in conscious masculinity, we discover that we can transform pain into pleasure simply by staying present. The charge of negative emotion dissipates just by holding it and by not resisting it. A man who has learned to […]

Growing Through Love

This is an excerpt from Conscious Men, a book I co-authored with John Gray.   When your partner does not have so much to give, it is easy to feel resentful, and this can sabotage the relationship. When we learn to let go of that, her occasional judgments and reactions to you are no longer […]

Get Inspired

This is an excerpt from Conscious Men, a book I co-authored with John Gray.   The quickest way to fall into your Conscious Dharma is through inspiration. It happens when you recognize other people who inspire you deeply, and it happens during the moments in your own life when you feel most inspired and alive. This […]

The Most Reliable Predictor of Brilliance

Since John Gray and I completed our book, Conscious Men, we have started working on several new projects together. Just in case you’re wondering: John is really one of the most fun, generous, intelligent, and kind people I’ve ever met. Working with him is a dream come true. Our next project is called The Conscious Woman’s Guide […]


The Power of Keeping Your Word

This is another excerpt from our new book: Conscious Men, which I have co-authored with John Gray.  Please add your comments and feedback at the end.   *** In order for a man to feel motivated, and to achieve and accomplish his soul’s mission, he needs to be able to make promises that he can […]


When a man (Re)Learns How to Feel Again

This seems to be the summer for a long overdue upgrade on masculinity. I got back from Europe a few weeks ago, and since then the news has been flooded with stories of men, primarily white American men, who have difficulty experiencing their feelings, often with disastrous consequences. On July 10th state trooper Brian Encinia […]


Love is a Practice

This is an excerpt from the new book I have co-authored with John Gray: “Conscious Men.”  It will be out soon. John says: I remember a moment seven years into my marriage. After making love with Bonnie, I said to her, “That was fantastic. It was as good as it was in the beginning.” “Oh, […]


Judgement Day

All kinds of prophecies exist: Christian, Mayan, Hopi and Vedic, predicting that there is going to be a time coming when there is a judgement day: when some people go to Heaven, who are saved, and some people are plunged into great doom. There was a lot of hoopla in the late 2000’s, building up […]