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How to Overcome Comparison

I was working with a coaching client the other day, who needed to make a presentation about a very, very important project. The project would obliquely benefit him, in that it would radically increase his prestige. It could potentially bring him millions of dollars. But that was nothing close to the impact it would have […]


What is a Translucent Business?

Companies become translucent when they are influenced by translucent people. The influence may come from the CEO or top management, but it may just as easily come from an outside consultant, the shareholders, or the collective wisdom of the employees. It requires only a very few instrumental translucent people to begin to transform an entire […]

Inspired Certainty

I remember a few years ago I learned how to ski.  I had never learned how to ski as a young man or as a child because I lived in England where there is not a lot of skiing, so I learned this when I moved to the Sierra Nevada Mountains about 10 years ago.  […]