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Sing the song of this moment, Instead of the chorus of “What Might Happen,” The litanies of “Sometimes” and “On Occasion” and “I Remember.” Sing the song of the perfection of Now. Offer your hand. Deepen your marriage to This Moment.

Great Questions about The Deeper Love

Thank you so much to all the friends who joined us for the Deeper Love Retreat-at-Home virtual launch party last night. Did you miss the call?  You can still listen to the replay.  Register here. We had so many great questions, and we could only get to some of them on the call.  Today we […]

Reflections on a marriage…

  My beloved wife of 8 years, Chameli, has left me for the sunny beaches of Corfu. I would feel a lot more upset about this if it would not for the fact that she’ll be back soon, and sends me the most delicious love notes every day. And anyway, I have gone back to […]

Intimacy has been my Guru

I’ve been greatly blessed in my life by being with with many great teachers.  I was close for many years to H.W.L. Poonja (people called him Papaji), and it was he who initially asked me to be a teacher of awakening.  I had some fantastic visits with Urgyen Tulku Rimpoche who was at that time […]