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Getting permission to flow

Maria attended one of our retreats a few years ago. Now in her fifties, she has been practicing meditation, which she had learned from a well-known Indian guru, for more than thirty years. She had a very calm, empty, silent presence. She dressed in plain, very sensible clothes, and her gray hair was cut in […]


Big Event

In honor of Valentine’s Day next week, here is a passage about sex from my book The Translucent Revolution. All sex, in fact all life everywhere, is about the meeting of masculine and feminine energy, the meeting of consciousness and light. This does not mean that men always represent the masculine, or that women always […]

Enlightenment is a Con-Trick

When I get on the radio, or in an interview for a magazine, they often want to fit what I am saying into a pre-established pigeon-hole. Indian sounding name… been to India… talks about awakening…, aha, this must be a spiritual teacher talking about enlightenment. And so the first question I’m often asked is,” So, […]