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Get Inspired

This is an excerpt from Conscious Men, a book I co-authored with John Gray.   The quickest way to fall into your Conscious Dharma is through inspiration. It happens when you recognize other people who inspire you deeply, and it happens during the moments in your own life when you feel most inspired and alive. This […]


True North

I am working with a very small group of Awakening Coaches to support each of them to build a rock solid coaching practice. They are learning how to identify their ideal clients: the people to whom they have the most to offer. They are learning how to articulate their unique way of supporting people, and […]


Discover Your Unique Gift

We all know that when there’s a crime somewhere, the police come as quickly as possible to take fingerprints. If they can get a good print off a door handle or a glass or something, computers can compare this print to every fingerprint that’s ever been taken, both from people alive and dead, to see […]