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Why We Sabotage What We Most Long For

As a coach and a trainer of coaches, I am very lucky to work with extraordinarily talented, resourceful, brilliant people. I have helped people write movie scripts, write books, develop courses, bring new products to the market, found companies, and much more. Whenever I interview a new client for coaching (which usually lasts for about […]


Reboot out of the Timeless

Q: Why in Radical Releasing do we stick to the words and the feelings, and not invite in pictures and the story? A: It is a very simple thing to understand. Understanding why we operate in this way is not only going to answer your question, it also gives you an insight into how life […]


How to Feel Good for No Reason

When someone comes to me or others for Awakening Coaching, they generally pass through four stages of evolution. If all goes well, and the client is fully on board and ready to try something new, these four stages can go relatively quickly: in a matter of eight or ten weeks. Stage One: Feeling Bad for […]

Not Another Flavor of Self-Improvement

A couple of weeks ago we just got done with out latest Awakening Coaching Training.  This was the entry level course: which we call ‘Basic Skills.’  I can’t hold back a moment longer from sharing with you what has been going on. It was jet lag city: we had participants present from seven different times […]