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An Integrated Approach

In an Awakening Coaching Training recently, a woman was reporting that when she had guided another student into “Radical Awakening,”  all his problems and issues has disappeared, and he had no interest or affinity to them any more. She was concerned if this was a real freedom, or just an avoidance of life. Facilitating awakening […]


Who Wants to be Enlightened?

When I met my teacher I was very preoccupied with spiritual seeking. I wanted to become “enlightened.” Now I’m not sure what that word means, but that’s what I wanted then. It was actually a way of saying I wanted to escape from the suffering, constant change and turmoil of being a human being. I […]


The Wave Is Already Wet

The veil that hides this Secret Is becoming so thin It can be easily torn now by anyone. It all comes down to what you value. Value emptiness above content And you are free. Value peace above drama And you are at rest. Value not knowing above concepts And you are wisdom itself. Value love […]


Doubt is a Thought

I was wondering if you could talk a little bit about doubt? My experience is that when I’m in Satsang it’s real easy, and then sometimes when I’m alone or in other contexts there is doubt that arises in the face of that incredible happiness. It says, “You must be nuts.” What is that? “You […]

The Pull of the Heart

Here is a passage from my book, “The Translucent Revolution”: When children grow, they pass through what are called, in psychological language, various developmental stages. It is actually quite interesting, if you’re a parent, to notice the bizarre nature of these developmental stages. There is the stage of being completely dependent—nursing, just holding the mother—and […]