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The Last Laugh: available now!

The Last Laugh will be published on May 1st by Hay House Visions imprint. Please enjoy here the back cover description, some early endorsements, and excerpts from three chapters, with audio downloads to enjoy later. “I stood on the bridge just before midnight, the wind from the ocean arriving in violent blasts, as if saying […]


Train with Me

The Awakening Coaching Training is divided into several levels. Awakening Coaching Basic Skills is always the place to start. If you are already trained as a coach, psychotherapist, counselor or consultant, you will learn skills that you can integrate immediately into your practice, starting today. If you want to develop a new career to be […]


Who am I?

Who Am I? On the surface, we all have our stories.  We were all born somewhere, we have our profession and family, our accomplishments and our defeats. This question can also go much deeper, if we are willing to inquire. It  is actually the essence of everything on this site, in my books and in […]



  I work with a few select private clients at any time. The process is extremely deep, and suitable for clients willing to question their values and beliefs in a fundamental way, and to reboot their lives. The process is extremely client-centered, which means that you define the objectives, you recognize the obstacles and you […]