The Art of Performing Miracles




We recently completed a week-long Awakening Coaching Training near Lake Chimsee in Bavaria, with 26 attendees from various German-speaking countries. What happened there was a sign of the times: inspiring, miraculous (I can’t help but keep using that word) and… well… hard to believe.

First, a little recap on what I do in the world, and who I am, in case you are new to my site. I am an awakening coach, and I train other people to also coach awakening.  

You what?  

OK.  Let me explain. There have always been people, throughout history, in every culture, who have dropped into a dimension of themselves which is free.  In such a moment you know that who you really are is limitless, silent, infinitely creative, and not separate from everyone and everything else.  A natural humor bubbles up from that freedom, and your vision gets washed clean in such a way that everything is seen through the eyes of love.  Problems evaporate, not because they are solved, but because they are dissolved into clear seeing.  

21 years ago, I met a very very cool guy in India, an ex-army officer named H.W.L. Poonja.  He had the great kindness and patience to thrust my busy head into a taste of freedom, long enough that it could not be easily forgotten again.  A year later, with a wry sense of humor, he asked me to “share this secret with my friends.”  And that’s what I’ve been doing ever since, in various stumbling ways.  Back then, it took considerable focus and intention to have such a direct taste of awakening, and many people would latch onto a teacher, or a teaching, or a group for support.  Over the last two decades it appears to have become much easier for people to drop into this kind of freedom.  Where it used to be one or two people in a weekend event, now everyone drops in on the first morning, and the rest of the gathering is spent in the investigation of how to live day-to-day life from here.  This has not only been my experience, but is collaborated by others who are interested in such things: like Jean Huston, Isaac Shapiro and Eckhart Tolle.

So here is what happened in Germany, and its a great sign of the times.  These people came to a one week training to take the first steps in learning how to become an “Awakening Coach.”  It was called the “Basic Skills course,” so this was a beginning.  The majority of these participants had no previous background in working with people, or even in awakening, they came simply with open and honest hearts, a longing for returning home, and to be of service to others in some real way.  I did very little work with individuals directly in this training, intentionally.  Mostly, I just explained simple ways to be able to support each other in relaxing deeply into themselves. I gave some demonstrations. I showed them simple ways to remain very present with another person.  I shared with them the right questions to ask, to direct attention back to the source of things.  I showed them some very simple ways, easy to learn, to release resisted energies so there can be more of a flow to things.   They also experimented with giving each other practices to bring this freedom more into normal day-to-day life.  

By the end of six days, each and every one of these people felt fully empowered to support each other.  Every single one had tasted a deep freedom beyond the mind, and knew, from direct experience and without any shadow of doubt, that this is their true nature.  All of this happened not through interaction with a teacher or a lineage, but through interaction with each other.  Now they know how to support each other in this way, in person or over the phone, and they are on their way to being able to “coach” other people as well.

Now don’t get me wrong here. They are not claiming to be “enlightened.”  And neither am I.  If anything, that word has lost any concrete meaning.  There is simply a deep and innocent willingness to be of service to an intelligence beyond the individual mind.  There is a willingness to not know, to be nobody special, and so to be available for something in the other person to flower.  This is the nature of coaching, distinct from “teaching” or being a “guru.”  A coach is in service to the hidden brilliance in the other person, without any claim to be better or more advanced in any way.

I come home from this week in Bavaria with a skip and a dance in my step.  There is something so refreshing and, yes let me use that M word again, miraculous, in what happened there.  These people are totally transformed.  They will never be the same again.  They take themselves way less seriously, they are no longer as glued to their desires and addictions, they have discovered love again as though for the first time, and they feel lighter, younger and more creative.  And who gets the credit?  Not me.  I was not even in the room when most of the important transformations occurred. All of this happened in a spirit of friendship and mutuality.  No holy books were quoted, no one was asked to believe anything other than their own experience.

We did this training in Germany live and in person, because it required German translation.  But about a year ago we started to offer the same training on line, through a series of tele-seminars and an interactive website with video and audio material, and we got just as powerful results.

So just why am I so excited about all this?  We all crave power and money our own fantasy of worldly success.  But in my experience, the only thing that really makes a difference, that has ever really made a difference to anyone, is this kind of awakening.  It unlocks latent creativity, it melts away conflict in relationship, and it transforms your way of being here from one of consumption to one of contribution.  When we can support this kind of shift in a simple and reliable way, free of dogma, free of hierarchy, and free of allegiance to a set of rules, it is a good conversation to have.

Please join me on Thursday, August  2nd, at 10am Pacific Time for a free tele-seminar.  I will tell you a little more about what it takes to support another person in this way, and I’ll introduce you to some of the graduates of the Awakening Coaching Training.  Please type your e mail and first name into the box below, and we will get you the information about the call.



With best wishes


2 Responses to “The Art of Performing Miracles”

  1. Kiki August 1, 2012 at 8:04 am // Reply

    This Training in Germany was a miracle indeed! Also for me. Every single woman or man created a miraculous, funny and loving group, supporting each other in amazing creative ways and thus bringing out the most miraculous and wonderful and overall beautiful parts of each and one of us. This was the best group ever for me and it is true: I have never seen this tools offered in the Awakening Coaching Training being used and applied in such an easy way, with so much trust and competency. We had fun together, deep laughter, connecting meetings, to support each other in our deep and sometimes hidden longings. Coming together in such an honoring attitude is something that is very precious, at least fo me.


  2. Thomas August 2, 2012 at 9:46 am // Reply

    Thank you, Arjuna, for providing the tools that were missing. Suddenly everything makes sense, and everything comes in place. It is really M…..(what was the word again?)


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