The Financial Crisis is Not Your Fault

fingerpointingBy now pretty much everybody has been affected in one way or another by the change in economic climate.  Some people have been hit really hard, like Dave from Brighton, I described in the post below, who lost his job and was concerned that he wouldn’t have the money to pay for gifts for his family for Christmas.  Or Maureen, who I met recently in Michigan, who’s husband lost his job along with their medical insurance.  When she discovered she had a rare blood disease, it looked like it would inevitably drive them to bankruptcy.  Others have been less drastically affected, perhaps had to just cut back on unnecessary luxuries.
The amazing thing about this shift in the economy, which I have discovered from my coaching clients, and from traveling and teaching, is how many of us take it personally.  It’s not logical of course.  But it’s a pandemic how easily we feel, “I did something wrong, it was my fault, I have failed.”
If you’ve noticed this happening for you, here are 5 simple tips to put things in perspective.

1) Write down your thoughts.


There is a hidden blessing in times like these.  It is much easier to disengage from the mind when it’s in a negative phase than when it is in a positive one.  A positive mind is great for creating things, “manifesting,” etc.  A negative mind, on the other hand, is a much better springboard to freedom, freedom from the mind altogether.  Keep a small notebook with you, one that will fit in your purse or pocket.  If you notice yourself thinking or saying repeated beliefs about money, work or the economy write them down and then ask, is that true?  Would everybody agree with that belief?

2) Share yourself.


If you are feeling like a failure, taking any of this personally, feeling out of control, find ways to share it with other people.  Talk about it with your loved ones and your friends.  I am a member of a wonderful men’s group where we meet regularly and talk about what is going on.

3) Be in nature.

It’s absurd that we even have the word “nature.”  What does it mean?  It only means the way the earth is before humans mess around with it.  By and large activities created by humans cost money (movies, theme parks, Nascar racing, etc) while the natural world is free.  Get out among trees, flowers, bird songs, and vast vistas.  You will be reminded of an 2928002801_8b6fa6ff5e_oabundance  that costs you nothing.

4) Give what you hope to receive.


It’s ironic that we actually feel much richer when we give stuff away than when we try and get things for ourselves. If things feel tight, find a way to be more generous and you will actually feel like you have more.

5) Relish silence.

2047229175_205a130cb1_m-150x150However busy you may be, find gaps in your day to be silent and still.  This could be meditation, it could mean walking in the forest, it could mean sitting on a bench in the park.  As I mentioned already, times of misfortune are a very fertile soil for radically deepening into your own presence.  If you create a small oasis during your day, grace will come to you.

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6 Responses to “The Financial Crisis is Not Your Fault”

  1. swamircshukla June 4, 2009 at 1:36 am // Reply

    It is so enchanting and so useful that everybody should follow it. swami


  2. Elizabeth Chadwick June 4, 2009 at 2:09 am // Reply

    Arjuna,just the way you say these little truths makes it so easy and clear as this has been my journey–the material craziness of our planet and I can only imagine the beauty that was here in nature before the greed business began to expoilt nature and I remember reading something from a holyman in India that the roots of many ptoblems in the world is because desire was nourished and it can never be satisfied,it is out of control,the mind of desire and when we remember what gives life and the spirit in all forms,to listen and know that like in nature there are no wars among trees,they just know how to coexsit and I really don’t get this whole thing about the beast in man which seems so dispicable and rather unevolved as a species-so it must be this mind thing with the desire thing and you cannot stop the avalanche once it gets going and I get very very sad over the damge that we have created here on this earth and the loss and there were never any laws to protect nature and every species is affected and it feels like there is no more real refuge in nature,what is left that has not been spoiled,so what is it in man that wants to kill and mame and hoard and what makes this behavior?So I can only think that it has to do with wanrting something and a sense of entitlement and ownership and delsuion because you don’t take that with you-all this stuff.


  3. Mike Grenville June 4, 2009 at 12:48 pm // Reply

    and the financial crisis has only just begun. Much more is likely to follow as the inevitable shift from an industrial growth society based upon cheap, polluting energy to one where the way of life can be sustained by all the people on the planet.

    As well as essential inner work to prepare for these changes, building community around you will be a key strategy to handle the transformations that are happening. How smooth the transition from the way of life we lead now that we could say is stealing from the future to one that heals the planet will depend on us and what we do.


    • Elizabeth Chadwick June 4, 2009 at 5:20 pm // Reply

      Well said because I live off the grid and know all about energy and it doesn’t matter what people’s idealogies and thinking patterns are when it comes to the great mother and the melting glaciers and the wildlife extinction,the contaminated waters and in 10 years the gagge river will be gone and maybe that part of India as there will not be any water and as the native indigneous cultures like the Inuits in Alasla are suiung the Us governemnt rightfully,and the drowning polar bears and the wreckage casued by the oil indusrty and evryone demanding their stuff-like give me a break people-I kayaked in Prince William sound before the oil spill and it was the one of the most beautiful ecosysytems in the world and what took eons of time to create was destroyed all becasue they had to rush the ships carrying oil to California.People need to take their spirituality into action and live by the talk they walk because there is no separation from nature and very few of us feel good when were wre in the middle of a Tsunami,it’s hard to be centered and we are already past the carbon tipping point so all this sprititual business has to be rooted into creating sustainable environments on the local level,not global.


  4. Yinch June 4, 2009 at 1:19 pm // Reply

    I lost my job in April, actually felt relieved that after more than 10 years, I am looking forward to something new, to expand myself in new direction, 2 months have passed quickly, felt like a long vacation, still looking, but I am setting my intention today, that I will find a good match to serve for a greater good and I deserve the wealth and I have great things to contribute to the universe. Thanks Arjuna for this medium to release my thoughts and energy.


  5. Cavan June 4, 2009 at 4:45 pm // Reply

    Hi Arjuna ..

    Thanks for your take on the money scenario,
    the point you make on ‘Failure ‘ touched a nerve ,,Big time, for myself, as this has been the critic on my shoulder for the past few weeks . so your reminder of how to use the tools at our disposal is a positive look
    and very supportive

    all the best Cavan…U.K.


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