The Genius of the Feminine

Here’s a passage from my book The Translucent Revolution.woman-with-open-arms

The feminine in all of us intuitively knows how to feel. People with more feminine energy (usually, but not always, women), whether translucent or not, have a much greater intuitive capacity to feel than people with more masculine energy. Amy McCarrel also works with women to cultivate feminine translucence:dalia-flower-wallpaperA woman’s heart is a genius of the moment. If you look around a room of people, women’s hearts are particularly sensitive in this way, constantly feeling what’s mean in the room, what’s closed in the room, what feels good in her body when somebody speaks, the sound of the voice, how relaxed it is, what they’re saying, or if it’s coming from a place of mental tension. It’s happening all the time.

The world is metered by my heart. The way somebody walks down the street: I’m safe, I can relax, or I need to protect myself. Just metering constantly what feels true, a truth meter. Woman can always know, feel, when a man’s words are correct. It’s truly one of the blue-goddessmost profound gifts of the feminine, the genius of the heart, her inability to not feel. Everything is washing through. It’s coming in constantly, coming in, coming in, coming in. If something coming at it is less than true, it hits the heart and it hurts. If something comes at the heart that’s true, it washes through, and it opens. Whether I’m completely conscious or not in any given moment doesn’t alter the heart’s receptivity.

This feminine gift, of being able to feel everything in the body, can become contracted if we are caught in the Iago trance, and then it turns into melodrama. Consequently, the feminine in all of us is always afraid to be too much, to feel too much. It is also quite possible to have deep awakening, to be resting deeply in spaciousness, and to still be very shut down in one’s capacity to feel. A traditional masculine spiritual path can be very strong on wakefulness, but very weak on emotional embodiment; masculine-based spirituality has illustrated this for thousands of years. As a result, in most spiritual teachings, the advice has been to remain still, like a Buddha statue, to watch feelings pass, not to touch them. In a masculine approach, deeply feeling grief or anger would simply be a symptom of spiritual immaturity. Hypermasculine spirituality cannot help you to free up feeling, or to feel more deeply, because generally it has been founded by men who are themselves emotionally crippled.

Translucent feeling is the combination of a real awakening to your luminous essence as limitless and a restoration of respect for the feminine dimension in all of us, which knows how to feel. Translucent feminine people are awake to their own natural presence and are also alive and healthy in their emotional body. They know how to feel. My wife, Chameli Ardagh, guides women in the art of translucent feeling:

Traditional teachings warn you that it is in feelings that you get lost, where you get distracted, where you get distorted. A translucent woman would see that and say, “Whoa, so where do I get lost? Let’s go there, because that is where I need to practice.” It is the openness of awakening that brings love to anything that occurs. The presence is love itself. But of course, in order to stay present with really strong things that occur in life, it needs the practice of a real embodiment of that openness. That is in the body. It has to be a real thing; it cannot be an aloof dimension in another place. It is right here.
The translucent revolution is not simply about more people having glimpses of awakening to their transcendental nature; it is about the unrestricted embodiment of that awakening in every aspect of our humanness, especially in our capacity to deeply feel and to be real with what we are feeling. And that requires the balance of both masculine and feminine energies. In the last few decades we have seen an explosion of women emerging as spiritual teachers: people like Byron Katie, Catherine Ingram, Jean Houston, and Sherry Anderson, who remind us that feeling this realm is just as divine as transcending it. Pamela Wilson is one of those emerging voices of the goddess:1245897389nch1ewvThere is a difference in the feminine invitation to rest as one’s true nature. It is about being kind inside, including the arising emotions and contractions and the senses rather than meditating them away. It is gorgeous, because there is always a balance of the fiercer masculine aspect, and the warm feminine voice of “this too, this too, this too.” I find that sitting inside myself, just allowing everything to come to rest, to invite it all in as an honored guest works really exquisitely for me. I notice more and more, when I sit with my friends, that it is a lovely balance to have the cool inquiry of “to whom does this come?” and the warm invitation for anything to arise, to come to rest, to give it clarity and kindness.

This capacity of feminine translucence in welcoming feeling home into the ocean of loving presence brings three precious miracles. To read more, purchase my book The Translucent Revolution HERE.

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