The Window Of Eternity

abstractThrough a simple shift of attention
From object to experiencer,
From phenomena to experiencer of phenomena,
One’s perspective can change diametrically.
The birth of this shift occurs with the question,
“Who am I?”
This is not about a future state of enlightenment
Or something that is going to come to you
If you are really good and work very hard.
This is about what is already here and now.

For words to be heard
There must be silence
In which the words are occurring.
For form to be recognized
There must be limitlessness
In which the forms can exist.
For there to be phenomena in time—
Beginning, duration and ending—
There must be an eternity
In which time is occurring.
When you truly understand this,
It will change your life.
Then it becomes obvious.
To perceive anything with limits,
There must be limitlessness
In which it is occurring.
If a phenomenon is taking place
Within something else with bigger limits,
Within what would it be occurring?

This question,
“Who am I?”
Brings one immediately to limitlessness,
To eternity,
To That which is unborn, undying,
To That which has no fear of erasure
And to That which is not separate.
As soon as you look back into your Self
And recognize that there is no separate entity to be found,
Only spaciousness,

Then it is not much of a leapdesert
To look into the eyes of what you thought was another person—
Not at the other person
But through the window of those eyes—
And see the eternity that is common to both of you.
Then what is the difference between
Vast spaciousness and immense boundlessness?
Where does infinity end and eternity begin?
This simple yet profound recognition
Signals the end of separation.

At different times this understanding
Has been given a diversity of exclusive names—
Enlightenment, liberation, self-realization.
People have spoken of this
In a very exalted way,
With massive amounts of worship,
And fast cars and real estate acquired
In the name of this uncomplicated principle.
It is a simple thing we are speaking of here.
This is everyone’s birthright.

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