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We all know that when there’s a crime somewhere, the police come as quickly as possible to take fingerprints. If they can get a good print off a door handle or a glass or something, computers can compare this print to every fingerprint that’s ever been taken, both from people alive and dead, to see if there’s a match. Now in order for this to work, it means that no two human beings have exactly the same fingerprint.

I know a man who is a detective with our local police force. I talk with him sometimes in the sauna at the gym. “Not only,” he told me, “is it true that everyone has a unique fingerprint, but it goes back historically as well.” It means that the unique fingerprint you have is not only different from the seven billion people alive on the planet, but it’s different from any human being who has ever lived.

Of course, the same is true with your DNA and many other things about your body as well. For example, have you ever met two people with exactly the same face? Even with so-called “identical” twins, when you put them side by side, you usually know who is who.

I’ve come to discover that exactly the same is true about less physical and tangible things. Just as no two human beings have exactly the same physical makeup, no two human beings have exactly the same psychological characteristics either.

Over many years of coaching and counseling people in all different ways, I’d say that this simple discovery is the most reliable indicator of deep fulfillment and well-being.  When you have the recognition, the appreciation, and giving of the gift that comes uniquely through you, all else falls into place.

Before we can really connect with this deepest gift, it’s important to recognize the difference between “natural character” and “the conditioned personality.” They easily get mixed up with one-another. Natural character is the way you are when you relax from every possible “should” or “shouldn’t” that’s been imposed upon you. It’s the way you were as a small child. You probably come back again, close to your natural character, when you feel vulnerable, when you get sick, or when you become very closely intimate with another human being. It’s you without the makeup.

The conditional personality, of course, is the face that we present to the world. It’s the habits of “not love” that we’ve inherited from our parents, our school teachers, and from all of society in a broader sense. It’s who you become when you get “bent out of shape by society’s pliers,” (to quote Bob Dylan).

Over the last many years, I’ve been developing a very precise, easy, and graceful way to uncover your unique gift. Once you understand the underlying principles, it’s very simple. I’m going to present you here with a few key insights to chew upon.

If you’d like know more, please join me for a free tele-seminar this Thursday, February 9th at 6pm Pacific time, and I’ll go into much more detail and answer your questions.

1. Your unique gift is not the same as what you do for a living. If you’re lucky, your work becomes an expression of your gift, but your gift existed when you were very small (before you had a job at all) and the gift flows in every aspect of your life, including when you’re not at work.

2. Ironically, the more awake and conscious you become, the more you feel “I don’t have any gift.” This is because the gift flows through you, not from you.

3. The gift you were born to give is not for you. It flows out through you to other people. It may not always feel good or even be what you want to do, but it was what you were born to do.

4. You may have more fear, nervousness, and shyness about your unique gift than you do about many other activities you perform. It’s more intimate, real, and authentic.

5. When you give your gift, even for short periods at a time, a muscle of effort relaxes completely within you. Even a few minutes of allowing the gift to flow can compensate for hours of other things you may find boring.

There’s lots more we can say about this topic. During the free tele-seminar this Thursday, I’m going to tell you about a 4-part series I’m going to offer in a few weeks, guiding you in how to discover, express, release blocks to, and make a living out of your unique gift.

You can register for the free tele-seminar here.

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3 Responses to “Discover Your Unique Gift”

  1. shawn February 7, 2012 at 11:58 pm // Reply

    I love what you are saying here. thank you!


  2. Gwyneth February 8, 2012 at 4:12 am // Reply

    Yes, yes indeed! “A hollow bone,” to quote Native Healers about being a conduit of Spirit. I am learning about healing touch and allowing “the source” “spirit” “God” to flow through me for the highest good of the person receiving it. In the present moment may I allow Source to flow through me for the greater good of myself and for others’ healing.


  3. meg mauro February 9, 2012 at 4:38 pm // Reply

    Arjuna,I’m so grateful that You Are. Thanks for sharing. You are such a gift.


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