Who am I?

Who Am I?

On the surface, we all have our stories.  We were all born somewhere, we have our profession and family, our accomplishments and our defeats.

This question can also go much deeper, if we are willing to inquire. It  is actually the essence of everything on this site, in my books and in my teachings. It is THE question. It is the question that shifts us from the small confines of the story of “me and my life” to the more expanded possibilities of contribution, connection and awakening.

So if you are interested to know more about me, which in a funny way means to know  more about you too, here are some different dimensions of answering the question:

Who am I?

Sounds are being heard, aren’t they? The words on your computer screen are being seen. Sensations in the body are being felt. Who is experiencing all of this? Can you find the one who is alert and aware and present in this moment? The willingness to hang out in this inquiry is transformational and revolutionary. When I look for myself in this way, I discover conscious presence that has no boundaries. The presence that is experiencing this moment behind my eyes is the same as the presence behind your eyes too.

Who am I?

I am the beggar, I am the sinner and I am the saint. I am the used car salesman, and the lonely old lady in hospice. I am Mahatma Gandhi and Saddam Hussein. I am you and me, and him and her, and all of us and none of us, and so are you. Drill down into your own inner core, and you will discover that everything “out there” is also “in here.”

Who am I?

Ok, ok. Enough esoteric talk now. We all have our story. I was born in England, I live in California, I have a wonderful wife, two children and a cat. I live in a small town in the mountains. I’ve written seven books, and now I make films.

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Who am I?

Beyond all of that, I am a pure potentiality, just like you. I am a gift partially given, and partially held back by habit and belief. I am a birthing process, in progress right now. I am a collection of gifts being time released through the cracks in my facade. I am a work in progress, and so are you.

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7 Responses to “Who am I?”

  1. Really enjoyed unique introduction… loved it :) Also listened to an interview on sounds true and was pleasantly surprised by your very balancing and complimentary dare i say “higher” or more “mature” perspective. You demonstrate transparency which is always the best way to teach it… thank you! I will be exploring more deeply so i can become un or de’enlightened’ :)

  2. Arjuna,

    As I read this blog, I began to wonder if I wrote it.

    Thank you, for the recognition on my part. My best description for who I am can best be described by “me” as a process. Nothing more.

  3. I just finished texting some of these very words to a friend of mine…
    “I am a work in progress for sure”!

    Just stumbled across your website today.


  4. Dear Nick,
    Hello again, beloved Self.
    What your doing/being is brilliant!!

    Got the joke, and am still laughing!

  5. I just wanted to answer your question, quickly: I am Aubrey.

  6. Hawt damn! You sound just like me, Arjuna :-)

  7. It is wonderful to meet you. I have read your blog on the green, orange and red states with great interest. It was forwarded to me. Thank you for making this world an even more wonderful place.

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