Write Yourself a Letter

imagesNext time you feel clear, centered, and silent,
Perhaps after a deep meditation, or when you are
deeply rested,
When things reveal themselves to you just as they are
in their natural perfection, not needing any improvement,
Write yourself a letter.
this is a letter you will read when you next feel confused, When you are anxious, when you are caught up in resisting things as they are.
follow your heart as to what to write.
it might be insights;
it might be statements of appreciation; it might even be jokes. Put the letter in a safe place: in the drawer next to your bed,
in the back of a favorite book, or wherever you keep sacred things.
When you feel that your world is falling apart, that you meet obstacles everywhere,
that you lack the strength to carry on,
Go find the letter.
you might even have several,
in different places in your house. Read, receive, digest.
take counsel from a true friend
Who loves you in this moment
More than you love yourself.

When you feel lost or confused, it is natural to look for wisdom and advice from outside yourself. We turn to our friends, our counselors, our teachers, to point the way. Many times, this is a great thing to do: we can be teachers and guides to each other all the time. But do your advisers ever all agree? Do they know you well enough and everything you have passed through, to really know all of who you are, to really give you sound advice? Ultimately, the most reliable source of wisdom is within your own heart.
When you write this letter, be extremely loving and compassionate with yourself. It is not a moral lecture or chastisement; write it with compassion. Write to yourself as someone you love, respect, forgive, and wish the best for.
When you read the letter at a later time, read it slowly and carefully, digesting every word. Feel it as a gift from a friend who loves you more than you could ever know, and, in that moment, more than you love yourself. This conversation with the divine, with the space and stillness of your true nature, is between you as a wave and you as the ocean, not between you and another wave.
Write these letters often. They will deepen your compassion and forgiveness.


From Leap Before You Look   Published by Sounds True ©2008   Buy Your copy here

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