What is a Translucent Business?

Companies become translucent when they are influenced by translucent people. The influence may come from the CEO or top management, but it may just as easily come from an outside consultant, the shareholders, or the collective wisdom of the employees. It requires only a very few instrumental translucent people to begin to transform an entire organization.

People become translucent when they wake up from their contracted self-preoccupation and feel themselves to be bigger than their personal story. They discover they are both no one in particular and at the same time part of everything around them. From this recognition of connectedness, translucent people become more humorous, more honest, and less fearful. Their lives get reorganized around service and contribution. It is possible for the same awakening process to happen to an organization. When a business starts to awaken from its self-preoccupation with profit as the only justification for its existence, it starts to display translucent qualities.

Translucent businesses wake up from the myth of lack, of our gain at the expense of others’ loss, and explode with possibilities: Of course! This is where all these creative people gather every day, where they spend most of their time. It could be a place of inspiration, of creativity, a place of community. It could even be a place to feel love, to feel spirit! Translucent businesses demonstrate a recognition of connectedness. They too are more humorous, more honest, and less fearful. They too become reorganized around service and contribution,to their own employees, to society and the environment, and to their shareholders. And, as it does when an individual becomes more translucent, the awakening of a business brings as many challenges as it does triumphs.

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