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Why Do We Avoid our Greatness?

I’ve written eight books so far, and I just came out with the latest one, Better Than Sex. The books that I’ve written previously were a little more erudite, many had footnotes, a long bibliography, and careful references. About a year ago I realized “Hey, I’m in my 50’s, sooner or later I’ve just got […]


The First Session

In your first session with an Awakening Coach, you explore the questionnaire that you completed. You are going to focus together on four really important questions: • What is your deepest longing? What are your aspirations, hopes, and dreams? These are big-picture questions, and do not need to be practical at all. Your coach wants […]


The Real Teacher

Suddenly my heart was beating faster, my spine straightened, and I realized that quite beyond my control, I was also about to speak. It was a body sensation, like being about to sneeze, and knowing there is no longer any choice. “I don’t know you.” The words began, all on their own. It was a […]


Inspired Certainty

Strangely enough, the majority of human beings have become so hypnotized by thoughts, fleeting feelings, and unresolved problems which appear to demand immediate solution, that their access to their true nature as limitless consciousness has gone. When the clouds are there, clouds are all there is, and that can be a terrifying and bewildering place […]


Creation Vacation

We just got to the end of a 21 day intensive called “Creative Flow”. There were people from all over the world joining together: writers, inventors, artists, musicians. In teaching this course, I had to really stop and find out: what is the process that allows a creative spark, a flickering across the screen of […]


How to Feel Good for No Reason

When someone comes to me or others for Awakening Coaching, they generally pass through four stages of evolution. If all goes well, and the client is fully on board and ready to try something new, these four stages can go relatively quickly: in a matter of eight or ten weeks. Stage One: Feeling Bad for […]


What happens in Awakening Coaching?

When someone comes for Awakening Coaching, they have already become, to some degree,  disconnected from themselves. I don’t mean disconnect from their personal story, they are probably over connected with that. I mean that they have become disconnected from who they truly are. That is the standard setting for most people: they have some degree […]


What is in the way of Freedom?

My teacher in India, H.W.L. Poonja,  used to tell a wonderful story. I remember one day we were all gathered together with him. He used to like to tease us.  “What is the one thing that most gets in the way of freedom?” he asked.  “The mind,” somebody suggested.  “The ego,” said another. He shook […]


The Ultimate Upgrade Neurosis

Between 2002 and 2004 I did more than 170 interviews to prepare for the book The Translucent Revolution. One of the things I asked everybody in those interviews was about enlightenment. Almost no-one I talked to would say ‘I am enlightened,’ nor would they say ‘I am trying to become enlightened.’ Instead most would say, […]


Five Reasons to Get Coached

Last week, I wrote to you about my friend Jonathan Robinson and his powerful statement to me on the phone, “it is easier to be a teacher than a student.” We got a lot of interesting comments and email about that, and this week I want to jam on the same theme a little more, […]


When There is Nothing to Say

Every Monday I write a new post on this site. Something I’ve never written before – and hopefully something I’ve never thought before. On Thursday another post goes up, which is an excerpt from a book or something previously published. For this week, I got ready to write my post, and discovered I had nothing […]


We never Anticipate Resistance

We had an interesting question in the Awakening Coaching Training online course last week that I wanted to share with you.  I think it is something we can all really learn from. The week before, we had all started to experiment with some simple practices that are part of Awakening Coaching.  Students in the training […]


Fred Goes to Costco

**** ***** My new book, “Better Than Sex,” will be out this summer.  Here is a sneak peak for you: Let me tell you a little story about a man named Fred. Fred goes shopping at Costco.  Just like everyone else, he shows his membership card, he gets himself a shopping cart, and begins to […]

Being a Part of the Solution

My 19 year old son  Abhi Ardagh just sent me a paper to look over that he’d written for a class at San Francisco State University. The paper was about whether or not there may be life on other planets. He went into a fairly well-researched account of the various attempts that have been made […]


Approval is Overrated

When I work with coaching clients one-on-one, we focus on several pivotal shifts in consciousness. One is to bring the attention from the endlessly changing stream of thoughts and fleeting feelings to becoming aware of awareness itself. Once you awaken to your true nature in this way, it is the foundation upon which everything else […]

Good News

Here comes some undiluted, 100% pure good news. You ready? All right, here we go. I know there’s all kinds of things to be worried about these days. The economy looks rocky, both nationally and globally, the gap between the haves and the have-nots has never been greater, there’s all kind of political tension in […]

Living Awakening

” alt=”” height=”266″ width=”400″ />If you’ve been reading my stuff here for a while, you probably remember that back in the summer of 2009, I started to conduct interviews for a new publication with some very interesting people. I’ve been busy with that ever since. Finally, it’s come to some sort of completion. In almost […]

Getting Permission to Flow

Here is a passage from my book The Translucent Revolution. Maria attended one of our retreats a few years ago. Now in her fifties, she has been practicing meditation, which she had learned from a well-known Indian guru, for more than thirty years. She had a very calm, empty, silent presence. She dressed in plain, […]