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Let’s Dive in Together

  This is an excerpt from my book Better than Sex. In this moment, you can see squiggly hieroglyphics on a white page. Is that true? If you look up for a moment, I am sure you can see other things as well: shapes, colors, textures, and movement. If I look up from the desk […]


True North

I am working with a very small group of Awakening Coaches to support each of them to build a rock solid coaching practice. They are learning how to identify their ideal clients: the people to whom they have the most to offer. They are learning how to articulate their unique way of supporting people, and […]


Gratitude in a Creative Act

I have to tell you, I live a wonderful life. I am doing the most interesting job in the world (for me), I have a beautiful family, my kids are thriving, my health is good, and money flows on its own. I just spent a long period of being in the same place as my […]


An Integrated Approach

In an Awakening Coaching Training recently, a woman was reporting that when she had guided another student into “Radical Awakening,”  all his problems and issues has disappeared, and he had no interest or affinity to them any more. She was concerned if this was a real freedom, or just an avoidance of life. Facilitating awakening […]


When the Remedy Becomes the Poison

We recently started a new Client Interaction Course as part of the Awakening Coaching Training, with coaches-in-training from all over the world.  Each student in the course said something about why they are taking the course and what they hoped to gain from it. Sometimes I comment. Here is a dialog that took place last […]



Carolyn Anderson and John Zwerver, the founders of a UN-affiliated organization called Global Family, call this model of people working together “co-creation.” Anderson is the co-author of The Co-Creators Handbook. She defines co-creation as “co-participating consciously with the laws or patterns of life itself, conscious alignment with the essence of others and with nature.” Anderson […]

seeing deeply

I See You. I take a stand. I love you.

I was working with a woman as a coaching client recently, who is a professor in a very prestigious institution. She guides dozens of PHD students every year to select the perfect subject for their dissertation, that will be truly unique and innovative. She hired me as a coach because she wanted to serve her […]


Consider All Phenomena as a Dream

I train people to be Awakening Coaches. One of the most fundamental tools we use is called “Radical Awakening.” In just a few minutes, a coach is able to guide a client into direct recognition of their true nature as limitless, as unborn and undying, as essentially free. It is a powerful shift for anyone: […]


The Goddess on Wall Street

Amy Domini is not the only woman bringing feminine sanity to corporate America. In living memory, wealth was traditionally passed down through families to the firstborn son. Money stayed in the hands of men. At least in the Western world, this practice has become more or less completely obsolete. Because women live longer than men, […]


Coaching is all a Front for Love

My children both went to a Waldorf school. Rudolf Steiner founded the original school for the employees of the Waldorf cigarette factory in Stuttgart. He used to ask the teachers, “Have you loved your children today?” He told teachers that part of their job, before they went to sleep, was to visualize each child in […]


Become the Other

When you find yourself courting conflict with another person, Go somewhere alone where you can be undisturbed. Put two cushions down on the bed or on the floor. Sit on one of them and close your eyes. Imagine the other person is sitting before you on the other cushion. What is this other wearing, how […]


Feminine Practice

Maria attended one of our retreats a few years ago. Now in her fifties, she has been practicing meditation, which she had learned from a well-known Indian guru, for more than thirty years. She had a very calm, empty, silent presence. She dressed in plain, very sensible clothes, and her gray hair was cut in […]


Judgement Day

All kinds of prophecies exist: Christian, Mayan, Hopi and Vedic, predicting that there is going to be a time coming when there is a judgement day: when some people go to Heaven, who are saved, and some people are plunged into great doom. There was a lot of hoopla in the late 2000’s, building up […]


What do you want?

I arrived at Joey’s upstairs apartment at four o’clock. He was waiting for me, sitting in the same little room where he had delivered his life story to us a couple of nights before. A cup of tea was waiting for me on the table, next to his own. He looked at me for a […]


Drop Away

“You’ve got so caught up in trying to win the game, or should I say trying not to lose, you’ve forgotten how to play for fun.” “But you can’t do that kind of thing, its completely irresponsible,” I said, realizing I was repeating myself. “On the contrary,” said Joey, “I feel very able to respond […]


Slow Down

In the midst of any activity during the day, raising a cup of tea to your lips, reaching out to answer the phone, continue doing exactly as you have been doing, but slow your movements down. Move at a quarter of the usual speed, or even less. Become aware of the minute details involved: the […]


Time-release Formula

“You know, Joey,” I began. “None of these lessons are exactly easy. It could take me years of practice to master even one of them.” Joey opened the cupboard above the kitchen counter. Dozens of kinds of herbal teas. He opened his eyes wide, and whistled. “What kind of tea do you want?” “Whatever. Whatever […]

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Give it Your Best Shot Every Time

For the last several months I have been coaching a brilliant young man who works at one of the world’s largest technology companies.  In our coaching we have worked on developing an extraordinary idea, which could change the face of the world.  It is inspiring.  Because he is a little shy, I agreed to go […]

The Yoga Class

Yoga has never been a primary strength for me. I prefer gentler approaches to caring for the body, like taking long baths, lying in bed, or receiving massage. Sam soon had us doing things I would not have thought possible or advisable. We had to stretch our legs straight out in front of us, and […]