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No Time for Hair or Make Up

With sirens blazing, and lights flashing, the fire truck screams through the thick, black night. On the other side of town, smoke has been reported billowing out of an upper floor apartment. Jim Acosta, Bert Adams, and Skip O’Reilly have been working together as a team for thirty years. They have rescued children, old people, […]


A Meeting of Cultures

The guru-disciple relationship is not indigenous to our culture; it has been transplanted, sometimes awkwardly, in the past few decades. In the generation born here in the West beginning shortly after the Second World War, the thirst for liberation has been extraordinarily intense. When this generation began coming of age in the late sixties, it […]



There is plenty of advice to be found these days all over the web about the necessity to unplug regularly from technology: to take a day a week where you disconnect from the internet, switch off your phone and give it all a break. Of course, it is ironic that these suggestions to disconnect from […]


All in the Now

The transformation of religion from dogma to direct mystical awakening is not limited to a small bunch of Unity churches on the West Coast of America. Richard Holloway was the Bishop of Edinburgh till he retired in 2000. His attitude toward religious life has been totally transformed since his awakening a few years ago, which […]


How to Overcome Comparison

I was working with a coaching client the other day, who needed to make a presentation about a very, very important project. The project would obliquely benefit him, in that it would radically increase his prestige. It could potentially bring him millions of dollars. But that was nothing close to the impact it would have […]


How I Became a Prostitute

I have just been teaching the “Client Interaction Booster Course” here in Germany. One of the participants asked me a question: about how she gets bogged down in little things to do, and feels overwhelmed, and then feels a sense of guilt if she does not get everything done. I told her that the simplest […]


Creating a Place of Passion

More than 10 years ago I had a coaching client, who was the CEO, as well as the primary shareholder, of a fairly large company. He was struggling. As the original founder of the company, he felt a tremendous obligation to his employees, particularly those who had been with him from the beginning, to provide […]


Prepare for Crucifixion

A few days ago, I went out for dinner with an old friend. We have known each other for about 15 years. We have been in a mens’ group together for many years, and have shared many adventures. Since we had not seen each other for several months, we had a lot of catching up […]

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Reinventing Organizations

Part two of a four-part series Written with generous collaboration from Michael Meirer Last week we talked about some of the unnecessary assumptions and myths we have accumulated around going to work, and about the astounding number of people who only show up at work to make money, and would otherwise quit given half a […]


I Just Can’t Wait for it to be Monday!

What would it take to be excited about going to work each and every day? Part 1 of  4 part series I have a good friend who has a senior position in the human resources department of one of the world’s biggest companies. Whatever there is to know about corporate culture, he understands it pretty […]


Signs of Good Times Ahead

Over the holidays, I saw two great movies and downloaded a new CD from itunes, all of which were, to me, undeniable signs that things are getting way, way better for all of us. The thing that I hear people complain about most often, (as an Awakening Coach) is the outrageous and indescribable imbalance in […]


Financial Sanity

This just in: a report published last week by UC Berkley analyzes IRS statistics for 2012 and shows that the gap between the rich and the poor in America keeps widening. Last year, the infamous one percent of top US earners took home close to 20% of household income, while the top ten percent reached […]

Dear Barack

Dear Barack, When you gave your first inauguration speech, back in 2009, I cried.  You carried me high on the waves of inspired certainty, you plunged me deep beneath the surface,  reminding me of the responsibility we carry to each other to rebuild a nation we can be proud of. Just about everything you did […]


Natural Vision

Vision is vital. It is the fuel that motivates action. It gives meaning to our lives, the aspiration to reach beyond our limits. Vision tells us where to put our energy, allows us to push through unforeseen obstacles, and, when a group of people work together, it is the cohesive force that keeps them motivated and connected.  Human beings have […]


The One and Only Path Home

“Behold the lilies of the field, neither do they toil nor do they spin.” Jesus’ teachings are about love; we don’t find much of a catalog of do’s and don’ts in them. The teachings of every awakened prophet point to the sacredness inherent in this present moment. Since the Iago mind knows nothing about this, […]

Good News about our Evolution

This video describes some profoundly good news about where we are headed as a race.  Click the little rectangle in the bottom right corner to make it fill your whole screen!  Please enjoy and comment! Our next Awakening Coaching Training begins on-line on May 14th.  If you would like to join us, please complete an […]