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How to Overcome Comparison

I was working with a coaching client the other day, who needed to make a presentation about a very, very important project. The project would obliquely benefit him, in that it would radically increase his prestige. It could potentially bring him millions of dollars. But that was nothing close to the impact it would have […]


Living in the Green Zone

      There is a small group of people, from all over the world, who work together on delivering the Awakening Coaching training: both online and at live events.  Over the last months we have developed a code language that we share between us, which has greatly improved our flow of communication, reduced stress […]


  Here is a passage from my 2005 Bestseller, “The Translucent Revolution.” Carolyn Anderson and John Zwerver, the founders of a UN-affiliated organization called Global Family, call this model of people working together “co-creation.” Anderson is the co-author of The Co-Creators Handbook. She defines co-creation as “co-participating consciously with the laws or patterns of life […]