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The perfect soil for revolution…

What have always been the perfect conditions for social revolution?  France in 1789, Russia in 1917?  Gaping inequality between the haves and the have nots.  Back in 2005 my book The Translucent Revolution has a chapter on Spiritual Activism. At that time, we did not know, when, where and how.  But we knew that an […]


It’s Time to Thrive

by Arjuna Ardagh and Jonathan Robinson This Thursday we launch our new tele-seminar series on how to thrive in the new economy. Pretty much anywhere you go these days, you hear people talking about what a tough economy it is. Of course, unemployment is at alarmingly high levels, people are losing their houses, and many […]

Live from Greece

Chameli and I have spent the last several weeks on the Greek island of Corfu, leading our annual Deeper Love retreat there.  Couples and single people gathered from all over the world to dive into an exploration together of a love beyond the usual confines of  personality habits. Every few days we’ve been getting concerned […]

Money and Dharma

Back at the end of June, I posted a piece called “Charging Money for the Truth.” It generated 47 comments, which are really worth taking the time to read. This is a hot topic, a juicy topic, and one which opens up all kinds of important questions. Over the last couple of months, I’ve been […]

Bundles of Paper Currency

Charging Money for the Truth

I’ve spent a good deal of my time in India over the last several decades. There’s a common saying in India that if a teacher charges money for “the dharma” (which loosely translated means “teachings about the truth”) that he or she will go to a special section of hell set aside for spiritual entrepreneurs, […]

Awakening in the World

Amidst so much talk about the economy collapsing, global warming and a myriad of other problems, we are having a wonderful summer and hope you are too.  Over the weekend I went down to the Yuba River with my dear friend Brooks Cole.  It’s a magnificent place revered by Native Americans for centuries as a […]