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Frustrated office manager overloaded with work.

How to Overcome Burnout: Part 1

I have been coaching people in positions of great responsibility: highly creative people with deadlines to meet, for more than 20 years.  People often think that their worst nightmare would be failure: that nobody buys their gizmo, nobody watches their movie, nobody reads their book, or the investors back out.  But actually, strangely enough, I […]


Honor the Body

In the spring of 2012 two very significant changes came into our lives… The first thing was that my son got a dog. We didn’t have a lot of advanced planning around this, so one day, suddenly there was a small and very adorable puppy in our house. I had never lived with a dog […]

Feel Tension and Welcome It

  Here’s a passage from my book Leap Before You Look: Scan your body with awareness. Seek out a place of tension or discomfort, And rest there with your attention. Feel this place exactly as it is. Feel it, be with it, just as it is. Feel it not so that it will go away, […]

The Miracles That Happen Beyond Time and Space

We’re four weeks into the current Awakening Coaching Training, and it’s been inspiring, gratifying, and deeply touching, to be sharing shifting consciousness with people from all over the world. Our participants this time come from Paraguay, Chile, Germany, Sweden, England, Canada, and all over the United States. Now here’s a wonderful little miracle that this […]

The Biochemistry of Stress

Most everyone is familiar with John Gray’s book, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, which came out more than 20 years ago. It brought the issue of differences between men and women to a much wider audience than had ever happened before, and has to date sold more than 50 million copies worldwide. […]

The Living Matrix

I just watched a fascinating new film this weekend, which has got considerably less attention than it deserves. It’s called “The Living Matrix,” and features Bruce Lipton, Lynne McTaggart, Eric Pearl, and Marilyn Schlitz, president of the Institute of Noetic Sciences.The film explores the fascinating question of spontaneous remission from disease: healings that occur everyday, […]

The Food of Awakening

How does nutrition effect the body and the spirit? Many times we sit to meditate, or practice yoga, or we simply want to drop in and be present, and the mind is just too busy.  We may come up with all kinds of metaphysical reasons why this is so:  is it old impressions in the […]

Popping the Magic Pill

Ok, friends, listen up, as this is seriously interesting stuff. A couple of years ago, I got introduced to a supplement (that’s capsules in a bottle, like at the health food store) by my friend John Gray.  The effects have been remarkable over this time, and the implications for the relationship of brain chemistry and […]

My Friend has 500 Jobs…

Well, dear friends, I’ve blogged about a lot of topics on this site over the last months, ranging from spiritual awakening, to the state of the economy, to how to deal with depression, etc.  But today there is really only one thing on my mind that I want to talk about with you more than […]

Integrative Medicine

  Here is a passage from my 2005 Bestseller, “The Translucent Revolution.” Dr. Jeremy Geffen is a widely respected oncologist and the author of the celebrated book The Journey through Cancer. He makes the important distinction between the relative and the ultimate purposes of medicine: “When we encounter a health problem, whether it is a […]

Awakening and Mending

Here is a passage from my 2005 Bestseller, “The Translucent Revolution.” To surrender to this demand, we must be willing to look at the “broken zones” of our personality with honesty and courage. In the last decades, several new approaches have evolved that address this calling. These are not paths to psychological healing. They are […]

Wellness Retreat with John Gray

I’ve just come home from one of the kindest things I’ve done for my body in 52 years.  Colors look much brighter and sharper than they have before, I can smell flowers and food distinctly, there’s a gentle hunger in my belly that’s no longer a sense of craving, but a health instinct for nourishment.  […]