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Rotate the Boss

Every Saturday morning we clean the house. We start by sitting down together and listing all the jobs that need to be done. Then everyone gets to be the boss for half an hour. We always start with Shuba, our youngest. While he is boss, everyone must do what he says. He is the king. He will check if […]


Here is a passage from my book The Translucent Revolution. Translucent parenting begins not so much with your connection to your child, but with your connection to yourself. When we feel fully connected to who we are, deeper than concepts, we are also connected to reality as it is, and this allows us to really […]

Education for an Evolving World

I want to talk a little bit about different approaches to learning things. This is actually incredibly important and makes all the difference to how education unfolds for you. What I’m going to say to you is difficult for most people to absorb thoroughly because our conditioning is so strong in another direction. So if […]

Exchange Personalities Over Dinner

Here’s a practice from my book Leap Before You Look.Over family dinner, With your spouse and children, or your parents and siblings or even a group of your friends, Swap personalities among yourselves. Have everyone write their name down on a small piece of paper, And place all the names in a bowl. Mix them […]

Talk Gibberish

Here is a practice from my book “Leap Before You Look.” Whenever there is disagreement or disharmony in the family, Or any time at all, just for the fun of it, Switch to gibberish. You will all continue to communicate And connect fully with each other, You will just stop making any sense. Express everything […]