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Breaking up with Apple

Tim Cook Apple Computer Christmas Eve 2016 Dear Mr. Cook, First, happy happy Christmas to you and your partner, and to your extended family: both in your personal life and at Apple. Let me introduce myself. I have been a Mac user (perhaps better described as “addict”) since 1985.  I have used your products to […]


Is Technology Good for You?

By Arjuna Ardagh and Jonathan Robinson We have been friends for many years. Recently we both attended a small conference about technology and consciousness. How can technology, and specifically artificial intelligence, affect our state of consciousness? Lots of interesting people were there: from Microsoft, from Impact Financing and from many other backgrounds. On the way home […]


The Reliable Keys to Happiness

In the last few decades, an increasing number of psychologists have shifted their attention from what is wrong with us, to what is right with us. Rather than focusing on healing, this new field of “Positive Psychology” focuses on the symptoms of psychological health and how to foster them. This field has been pioneered by Martin […]


Feel Nature Through Your Skin

Go out walking in nature. It could be in the forest, or on the beach, or by a river. if possible walk barefoot. Let yourself feel the trees, the dew, the sun, And the earth itself, through your skin. Allow nature to be a sensuous experience. Let yourself be caressed By nature as a lover. […]


Who are you grateful for?

Take three minutes… listen to this song… think of a life long friend… and give thanks… I dedicate listening to this song today to my friend Garrett Thomson, who i have known for 56 years and counting. Since my birth. Specks of pure gold. Who are you most grateful to have known in this life?


The Last Laugh: available now!

The Last Laugh will be published on May 1st by Hay House Visions imprint. Please enjoy here the back cover description, some early endorsements, and excerpts from three chapters, with audio downloads to enjoy later. “I stood on the bridge just before midnight, the wind from the ocean arriving in violent blasts, as if saying […]


A Farce With Heart

Last night I watched Kumaré, a mock documentary made by the very talented Vikram Gandhi. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly highly recommend that you do. It is extremely engaging, touching, funny, but most important it drives home a very important point with extraordinary skill. Vikram Gandhi was born and raised in New […]

The Amazing Ginger Ninjas

Today I was walking in the street with Chameli, and we came across this amazing band, playing in the street.  They tour the US and Mexico, on 5 bicycles, with all their gear on the back:   drum set, amps, speakers, guitars, clothes.  No vehicle backup.   During the gigs, the bicycles become generators to power the […]

American Beauty: Translucent Cinema

Let’s take a deeper look at American Beauty, written by Alan Ball, directed by Sam Mendes, and the winner of my contemporary translucent cinema poll. On its surface, the film addresses such common contemporary themes as meaninglessness, infidelity, ambition, and family dysfunction. But, as the movie poster urged before we even bought our tickets, “Look […]

Beyond Unicorns and Angels

  New Age Mush is easy to spot, mainly because it offers very little variety. There are now literally hundreds of CDs available with titles like Dolphin Rainbow Suite or Angelic Symphony. The covers display the same narrow range of what’s acceptable: soft pastel colors, a unicorn, dolphins, rainbows, throw in an angel or two, […]


A Whole New Way to see Aging

    The term ‘baby boomer’ refers to the population bubble born sooner after the Second World War. Many young men in America and Europe had gone off to fight between 1939 and 1945, and not all returned. For those who did, their priorities were clear: settle down, marry your sweetheart, rebuild … and procreate. […]


Dear Mr Zuckerberg

Dear Mr Zuckerberg,  First, I really want to say that I like this Facebook thing you have put together.  I’ve been using it for a few years now, and I think you are onto something, and it might really catch on someday.  If you need any help with the programming part, my son has a […]

The Art of Unmanifesting

One of the turning points of my life happened more than 20 years ago, when I went to sit with an almost unknown spiritual teacher and writer. There were just a few people gathered together meeting with her. This was the late 80’s, when “manifesting” was the latest greatest thing. So somebody asked the question, […]


Wisdom in Bight-Sized Chunks

Neal Rogin has been involved in countless movie scripts, books and social and political action campaigns for many decades. He wrote the script for the “Awaken the Dreamer” movie for the Pachamama Alliance, and recently worked on the movie “Thrive”. So this week, as a special holiday celebration, here is the very best of Neal […]

Movie Review: IN TIME

Andrew Niccol previously wrote The Truman Show and Terminal, and so is no newcomer to larger-than-life allegory in cinema. His latest film, In Time, with Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried is not just a very clever film about time, it’s also a film for which the release date is itself is a miracle in timing. […]

Meditation for the Love of It

When I first learned meditation back in 1971, it was motivated more by despair than devotion to any ideal.  I was born into an unusually unhappy family, and by the time I reached my teen years it was obvious that I had to do something different to avoid suicide or going crazy — both of […]