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The Art of Unmanifesting

One of the turning points of my life happened more than 20 years ago, when I went to sit with an almost unknown spiritual teacher and writer. There were just a few people gathered together meeting with her. This was the late 80’s, when “manifesting” was the latest greatest thing. So somebody asked the question, […]


Wisdom in Bight-Sized Chunks

Neal Rogin has been involved in countless movie scripts, books and social and political action campaigns for many decades. He wrote the script for the “Awaken the Dreamer” movie for the Pachamama Alliance, and recently worked on the movie “Thrive”. So this week, as a special holiday celebration, here is the very best of Neal […]

Memory in the Cells

My Luis Diaz has written a fantastic book called Memory in the Cells. He has kindly asked me to write the foreword, and here it is. I will be interviewing him about the book on Thursday, September 23rd at 6pm PST. To begin, I must confess that the way I am writing this foreword to […]

My son in Close up

Generally I post stuff that is more interesting to you, at least that is my intention.  But today I’ve decided to post something interesting to me!  My oldest son, Abhi has developed a passion for photography over the last several years, and has emerged as one of the best photographers at his school.  Here is […]

The Real Deal

Chameli and I just got back this week from the Transformational Leadership Council meeting, which this time was in Bermuda.  We attend these meetings twice a year, they are usually in very exotic, beautiful places.  It is a group put together by Jack Canfield a few years ago for writers, teachers, and seminar leaders to […]