Are you a Change Agent?

Do you sometimes find yourself getting bored with your own personal story? Not that you have solved all of your issues, and you are plenty willing to work on them when they arise and are staring you in the face. But do you also feel there is more important work to be done here? Do you sometimes get a sense of the potential of humanity, how we could be living, where we could be moving? Do you sometimes feel a certain inspired sense of responsibility to be a midwife of change?

If you know what I am talking about, you may be what my friend Luis Diaz calls a “Change Agent.” 

Luis was born in Argentina. He was fascinated by healing, meditation and human potential from a young age. He moved to America more than 20 years ago with his family.

Everything changed for Luis in the late 1990s when Adrianna, his young wife and mother of his three children, suddenly, out of the blue, developed a blood clot in the brain and went instantaneously into a coma. She died in a few days. Luis was left to raise three young children on his own. Instead of collapsing under the weight of this unexpected tragedy, Luis miraculously shifted into another dimension which culminated a few years later in a very profound awakening. You can hear the exact details of his story in a few days, when he and I talk together on a live call where you can join us. 

Since then, Luis has been supporting and training people with a technique he calls Cellular Memory Release.   His book, Memory in the Cells is out in several languages. 

Luis Diaz

As he has gotten to know more and more visionaries, writers, healers, (all “Change Agents”), he has recognized that so many people today have enormous gifts they want to share. These people have a tremendous sense of responsibility and inspiration to help create a more conscious planet, but they often lack some very fundamental tools to make a significant difference.

Seven months ago, Luis founded the Universidad de Agentes de Cambio Para Nueva Concienca.  It now has nearly 47,000 members in Spanish speaking countries. Last week he founded the Change Agents University in English and today is has 1,500 members on Facebook. Luis is on a roll. He has asked me to join him in creating this global community and my response was a two thumbs up “Yes.” Now we are going to ask you to join us too.

Here are the seven skill sets that Luis has defined, which any effective Change Agent needs to have handled.

#1- Be Clear about your Purpose and Mission.
Recognize and overcome obstacles that do not allow you to express your unique gift or talent.

#2- Find ways to Expand your Influence in the World.
If you have something significant to offer, you need to have channels that allow people to know about it. Without being dishonest, manipulative or greedy, there are principles of “conscious marketing” which allow you to identify and reach the people you can help.

#3- Develop a Healthy Relationship with Money.
In the world in which we all play, money is the medium through which we are able to give and receive gifts. We all of us carry so many messages about why “spiritual” or “conscious” people should not let their work be contaminated by money. It is time to get over it. Your relationship to money is healed when money is simply no longer an issue. You don’t think about it, and it does not influence the way that you give your gifts.

#4- Emotional Intelligence.
An effective Change Agent leaves behind him or her a trail of healthy relationships infused with appreciation, humor, and a spirit of co-creation. We all have a spectrum of feelings that come and go. Knowing how to be with them effectively and to communicate them with honesty is an essential quality of an effective Change Agent. 

#5- An easy Relationship with Technology.
Imagine a really great house painter. He does an awesome job every time. He lives off the grid on a beautiful piece of land half an hour outside of town. 

He doesn’t own a car. 


It doesn’t matter how good his house painting skills. In his situation, without transport, his skills are not going to reach the people who most need his services. The world has changed. Today, being fluent with WordPress, a mailing list, shopping cart and spam laws is an essential part of you doing your job. 

#6- Learn principles of Conscious Leadership.
If you have something significant to share with others, whether it is a book or an audio course or a physical training that people show up to, you are probably going to need a team of people who help you out. Knowing how to create relationship that are proactive, fun and empowering is not automatic. It is a skill that needs to be learned.

#7- Get Rejuvenated.
The greatest problem that faces any change agent today is burn out. Knowing how to revitalize yourself on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis is the difference between your message being contaminated by stress, or flowing freely on waves of inspiration.


OK, here is the invitation. I want you to join Luis and myself for a conversation this Thursday, March 14 at 6 PM pacific time. If you cannot make the live call, the recording will be available when you register.  We are going to talk more about these seven qualities of an effective Change Agent. We are also going to invite you to join us for the first annual Change Agents retreat and vacation in Greece.


You can register for the call here. 

Find out more about the retreat here.

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2 Responses to “Are you a Change Agent?”

  1. carina braak-sommer March 13, 2013 at 10:47 am // Reply

    This is really touching my heart! And yes I too feel bored with my personal story! There must be something more exiting to spend my time with! So let us together create a world beyond our limitations.
    And thanks for the invitation:)!


  2. Sil March 13, 2013 at 5:19 pm // Reply

    No more bank card no more phone no more internet connection almost no more place to live
    Personal story


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